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Who Is Your Favourite Member Of The X-Men?

Which homo-superior tops your list?

JamieWalker • 4 years ago

An Artist Created 32 Incredible Posters For Each Team In The FIFA World Cup

Cristiano Siqueira designed a poster for each of the 32 teams competing in the FIFA World Cup and all 32 are epic.

JamieWalker • 5 years ago

The Definitive Ranking Of Eevee Evolutions

The worst case of multiple personalities in the Pokémon world.

JamieWalker • 5 years ago

What Is The Most Heartwarming Moment In Television History?

Now I'm crying for a whole different reason.

JamieWalker • 5 years ago

9 Snacks From Fictional Programmes You Wish Were Real

Warning; this article contains high levels of deliciousness

JamieWalker • 5 years ago

The Definitive Ranking Of Ted's Girlfriends

Over nine seasons Ted introduced us all to seven girlfriends but did he make the right choice ending up with the mother?

JamieWalker • 5 years ago

Things Dr Cox Cares As Little About As Gwyneth Paltrow And Chris Martin Splitting

I suppose I could riff a list of things I care as little about as another not so devastating celebrity split.

JamieWalker • 5 years ago

The Definitive Star Wars Family Tree

You're in-depth guide to the Skywalker family.

JamieWalker • 5 years ago

The 15 Bands That Define Glam Metal

It's nothin' but a good time...

JamieWalker • 5 years ago

10 Expanded Universe Characters That Need To Be In "Star Wars VII"

Because rumour has it that Mara Jade - Luke's wife - could be part of the new series.

JamieWalker • 5 years ago

Empire Magazine Are Preparing For The New X-Men Film In The Coolest Way Possible.

To celebrate the May release of X-men; Days of Future Past, Empire Magazine have gone all out to pay tribute to our favourite mutants with limited edition covers of the magazine. Here's what the 25 covers there are to collect show about how amazing the new film is going to be.

JamieWalker • 5 years ago

The Definitive Ranking Of "Star Wars" Planets

Focusing on the 19 major planets and moons from the film's series. I want to go to there.

JamieWalker • 5 years ago