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The Definitive Ranking Of Eevee Evolutions

The worst case of multiple personalities in the Pokémon world.

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8. Jolteon


This electric-type has the roughest exterior of all the Eevee evolutions and thus must finish near the bottom of the list. Who really wants a Pokémon that'll hurt you with electric points when you pick it up.


5. Espeon


Espeon most certainly has style! It looks as if it's been covered from head to tail in silk and the jewel on its head only adds to how stylish it looks. Those piercing eyes are something that could be a little freaky though.

2. Eevee


I thought it would be unfair to give the top spot to Eevee considering it is the original form but it still has to feature on the list. Just look at it; Eevee is like a cute puppy/kitten hybrid that you could cuddle for hours on end. Bottom line, it's adorable.

1 Vaporeon


The clear list topper has to be Vaporeon. It can breathe on land or sea, it looks undeniably awesome and how often do you see an animal that is part fish, part cat. As well as being a tough customer in battle Vaporeon can also melt into water - admit it,

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