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The Definitive Ranking Of Ted's Girlfriends

Over nine seasons Ted introduced us all to seven girlfriends but did he make the right choice ending up with the mother?

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7. Karen


Although The Bro Code has many rules there is one that is as true as any laws of physics; if your friends don't like your girlfriend then it's not going to work. But if you like pretentious girls with a knack for cheating then Ted's college, and later short-term, girlfriend may be the one for you

6. Jeanette


The last one before 'the one'. Let's face it Jeanette was straight up crazy but hey you have to assume being with her had its benefits in the boudoir. In fact she did do some good, she blew up the Playbook once and for all, mending Barney and Robin's relationship...but she also may have dug up Grandma Mosby's grave.

5. Zoey


Ted stole our hearts by stealing Zoey away from the Captain. It was the relationship that left us on the edge of our seats waiting to see if it would happen. But ultimately when you and your partner want different things - even if it is for a building - then you can't expect a happy ending.

4. Robin


From the beginning this is the one everyone thought would happen; for me that theory went out the window the first time Ted refers to her as 'Aunt Robin'. However it was a relationship you could see lasting, who doesn't want a partner who is their best friend? Having said that I think Robin and Barney are too good of a match not to end up tying the knot.

3. Stella


This was the nearly moment, the girl that was so close to becoming Mrs Ted Mosby, and if she had it would have been brilliant! But you knew from the beginning it was doomed, from the moment Ted realised he knew nothing about his bride to be was the moment the relationship was never going to work. But it left us with one appropriate piece of advice...never invite an ex to your wedding.

2. Victoria


Victoria truly is Beinaheleidenschaftsgegenstand - the thing that is almost the thing you want, but not quite. She left Klaus, on her wedding day, for Ted, that was the sign that this should have been the one. I wanted this to be the one. But ultimately her inability to accept Ted and Robin as friends deprived Ted, and us all, of what I think we can assume would have been an amazing relationship.

1. The Mother


From the moment she bought that train ticket, yellow umbrella in hand, she walked into the hearts of every HIMYM fan. One half of the puzzle was done, she was the mother, now how did Ted meet her. For me it was between her and Victoria but at the end of the day she was 'the one'. The one Ted was meant to be with. You can knit pick about it but she was the one that gave him ultimate happiness, the one that completed him and for that there is no option but to offer her the prize.

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