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32 Delicious Things To Eat While You Watch The World Cup

Because the World Cup is really just another excuse to fill up on snacks.

1. Brazil: Coxinha

2. Croatia: Stuffed Barbecued Squid

3. Mexico: Tacos al Pastor

4. Cameroon: Poulet DG

5. Spain: Tapas

There's a wide array of traditional Spanish tapas to choose from for your game nights. Crispy roasted patatas bravas and a potato-filled egg tortilla are two easy, satsifying recipes.

Find them here and here.

6. Netherlands: Bitterballen

7. Chile: Completo

8. Australia: Aussie burger

9. Colombia: Arepas

10. Greece: Spanakopita

11. Ivory Coast: Alloco

12. Japan: Tempura

13. Uruguay: Chivito

14. Costa Rica: Tacos Ticos

15. England: Fish and Chips

16. Italy: Ricotta Pizza with Fresh and Roasted Tomatoes

17. Switzerland: Swiss Cheese Fondue

18. Ecuador: Lomo Saltado

19. France: Baked Camembert and Gougères

Cheese-themed snacks (both gooey and light as air) to go with your wine or beer as you watch the French team.

Here is the recipe for baked camembert.

And find the one for gougères, here.

20. Honduras: Enchiladas Hondureñas

21. Argentina: Beef Empanadas

22. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Ćevapi

23. Iran: Dolmades

24. Nigeria: Suya (Chicken Skewers)

25. Germany: Pretzel

26. Portugal: Pastéis de Bacalhau

27. Ghana: Waakye

28. USA: The BA Burger Deluxe

29. Belgium: The Mitraillette

30. Algeria: Brik

31. Russia: Shashlik

32. Korea Republic: Korean Pancakes