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Twitter Actually Shuts The Hell Up When A Penalty Shoot-Out Happens

Twitter data suggests a really fascinating pattern.

As players get ready to take the kick, when the crowd and the bar is quietest, Twitter actually gets quiet as well.

Twitter: @2014

This data is from the Brazil vs. Chile shootout. The close-up is of the first shot by Brazil's David Luiz, and neatly shows how conversation gets quiet as the kick goes to be taken, before the explosion of traffic after the final missed kick gave Brazil the win. The pattern has remained the same for each shoot-out thus far in the World Cup.

Systemwide Tweets per Second (TPS) is the measurement being used, with the central baseline representing typical traffic. As the data drops below the line it represents a lower than typical number of tweets, meaning Twitter is even quieter than usual.

Full details are at Twitter's Data Blog.

Paulo Whitaker / Reuters

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