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Me Too: How It Feels To Be Raped When You’re Eight Years Old

As Kathua has dominated news cycles, I've been in a psychological blackhole, getting reacquainted with memories I've repressed since I was a little girl with no words for what was being done to her.

The Making Of A Hindutva Warrior

Kumar despised Muslims before he could count to ten. Now, having graduated from college with no job prospects, he divides his time between the offices of ABVP, BJP, and VHP. "Two hours here, three hours there. It’s how my days go."

How To Pitch To Dialogue

Interested in writing personal essays or cultural criticism for BuzzFeed India? Here's everything you need to know.

#HimToo: A Reckoning

An open letter from a senior academic to some of the men in her life who abused, assaulted, or harassed her and the women who enabled them.

The Mysterious Braid Choppers Of Kashmir

A spate of unexplained attacks on women, police and government inaction, and vigilante justice have come together to create a perfect storm of fear and unrest in Kashmir.

How Feminist Men Have Sex

An erection is the same hydraulic event in political economists as it is in jackasses.

Who Wins When Journalists Die?

When the assassins shot at Gauri Lankesh, they delivered a deadly blow to free speech.

Be Good To Artists

Chris, you were not the rolling wheels, you were the highway. Chester, we’re shouting ourselves hoarse a day late, frantic to reach you somewhere and say, in the end, it mattered.

Bharat Mata And Her Unruly Daughters

The saffron flag-wielding RSS version of Mother India excludes several identities that are just as Indian as her savarna sons.

Dreams Of A Hindu Rashtra

A journey into the heart of the Hindutva project.

The Women Who Took Us To Mars

How the glass ceiling between Earth and space was shattered, so India could reach for the stars.

In Defence Of "Back-Answering"

Children who are taught it's disrespectful to question their elders grow into adults who are unequipped to critically consider the world.

Attention, Woke Desi Boy: I've Got A Mission For You

Call your bros out. Point out the fucked-up "normal" aspects of dude behaviour. Stand up for women even when there are none around. Your wokeness means nothing if you're not using it to wake other people up.

Overweight Men Need Your Empathy, Not Your Jokes

Obesity is a medical condition, not an opportunity for comic relief. But when I express this emotion, the response is “chup be rondhu, yeh le samosa kha”.

Stop Comparing Deepika Padukone And Priyanka Chopra

There's enough room in Hollywood for two Indian women to kill it. And, while criticising them individually is fair, pitting them against one another might be internalised racism.

The Gentleman's Game Vs. The Women Who Love It

Whether you're a female cricketer, a female anchor, or even a female fan, there are reminders everywhere that cricket doesn't take you seriously.

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