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7 Essays To Read If You're A Desi Woman Looking To Get Married And Have Kids (Or Not)

For far too long, society's told us what to do. It's time to change that. Remember, there're no rules, except the ones you make for yourself.

Swati Daftuar 2 years ago

7 Essays On Sex Every Desi Woman Needs To Read

Consent, body-image, shame, sanskaar – casual sex is confusing for many, many reasons. But at least you're not alone in that confusion.

Swati Daftuar 2 years ago
Andre Borges 2 years ago

Hey, Indian Women: We're Policed Enough By Others, Let's Stop Doing It To Ourselves

While we rage against a college principal for telling us to #DressLikeAnIndianWoman, there are ways we do the same thing to each other all day every day. It's time to call ourselves out, too, and to call out our best friends.

Swati Daftuar 2 years ago

What Standing Outside Shah Rukh Khan's Home Taught Me About Celebrity Worship In India

For so many of us, this is as close as we will get to the Gods on our screens.

Swati Daftuar 2 years ago

35 Great Books By Indian Authors Published In 2016

A mixed bag of the some of this year's best fiction and non-fiction titles by Indian authors.

Swati Daftuar 2 years ago

If You Care About Women's Rights In India, You Now Have To Care About Chetan Bhagat

One Indian Girl is about to become millions of Indian readers' introduction to the idea of gender equality. We can mock it, criticise it, and ignore it, but that won't make Bhagat's outsized influence go away.

Swati Daftuar 3 years ago