• "Poorly Drawn Lines" Is Now A Book And It's Just Wonderful

    "What are you thinking about, little duck?"

  • A Woman Who Lost A Leg In A Boating Accident Is Suing The Airbnb Of The Sea

    Boatbound argues Edyta Regnowski was in breach of contract because someone else was operating the boat at the time of her accident.

  • Watch The Cast Of "The Force Awakens" Get Crushed By A 7-Year-Old In "Star Wars" Trivia

    The defeat took place on Jimmy Kimmel Live, and J.J. Abrams hosted the battle.

  • 14 Rare Photos Of Albert Einstein That You've Probably Never Seen Before

    It's 100 years since the anniversary of Einstein's general theory of relativity, and a new book reveals little-known pictures of the great physicist.

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    Phoebe From "Friends" Is Literally The Fucking Worst

    Seriously though, would you actually be friends with her?

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    48 Things That Mildly Thrill Everyone Who Works In An Office

    "Treats from my holiday in the usual place."

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    19 Times Art History Reactions Were Too Funny

    Before the internet(!!), there was art.

  • "World War III" Is Trending And Everyone Is Just Tweeting Jokes About It

    This probably happened when news about the last couple World Wars broke too, right?

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    21 Struggles Of Being An Overthinker

    Worrying is your specialist subject.

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