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  • The Most Beautiful Love Story You'll See Onscreen This Year

    Todd Haynes — the director of Carol, starring Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara — talked to BuzzFeed News about working with the actors, love stories, and the importance of preserving queer culture.

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    We Know Your Favorite Christmas Movie Based On A Single Question

    Get in the Christmas spirit! *elf belching*

  • Behind One Of The Most Shocking Movie Endings Of The Year

    "You're just gutted," Julia Roberts told BuzzFeed News. MAJOR SPOILERS!

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    What Does Your Favourite Pixar Character Say About You?

    Are you a leader like Woody or more of a grump like Carl?

  • Two Canadian Guys Rescued A Bald Eagle And Then Took An Epic Selfie

    "Everybody thinks it’s like the selfie of the year."

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  • Can Australians Handle Buckfast?

    It sounds like it's going to fuck you up really quickly.

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    23 Gifts For People Who Hate Cooking

    But now they can! (with a microwave).

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  • Why "Bridge Of Spies" Is Going To Be Your Dad's Favourite Movie

    Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks have made a deliberately unsexy spy drama.

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