• This New Movie May Be The Best Use Of 3D Ever

    Joseph Gordon-Levitt's new tightrope walker biopic is the kind of movie that should be seen in theaters or not at all.

  • A Woman Who Lost Her Leg In A Terrifying Theme Park Accident Is Now A Catwalk Model

    Vicky Balch, who lost her right leg from the knee down in a theme park accident in June, was modelling at an event organised by the Models of Diversity group.

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    Everyone Is Eating Cereal Wrong And It's Incredibly Upsetting

    You probably can't make it through this post without being very disturbed.

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    Did Anyone Else Notice Visible Penis In "The Martian"?

    If you saw The Martian this weekend, then you also saw Matt Damon's penis. Or wait, was it his penis?

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    People Who Ate Burger King's Black Whopper Said It Turned Their Poo Green

    If you eat a Whopper, your poo may be going as an emerald this Halloween.

  • Watch This Mum Tell Her Transgender Daughter How Happy She Makes Her

    "My butterfly girl fills my heart with joy," Lorna McGuire wrote in a poem that she read to her 8-year-old. She talked to BuzzFeed News about what it's like to watch your child become who they are.

  • Facebook Is Going To Launch A Satellite To Beam Internet To Africa

    Mark Zuckerberg's initiative to hit new heights.

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    People Are Upset About Meryl Streep's "I'd Rather Be A Rebel Than A Slave" T-Shirt On The Cover Of Time Out London

    Streep and her Suffragette co-stars appeared in the shirts on the cover of Time Out London. They reference a quote from Emmeline Pankhurst, a leader of the U.K. suffragette movement.

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    19 Heartbreaking Confessions From Men Suffering From Emotional Abuse

    "My ex-girlfriend was physically and mentally abusive, whenever I told someone they told me to man up and get over it, I never felt so alone."

  • 11 Movies All Rom-Com Fans Should Actually Watch

    If you're a sucker for The Notebook and 10 Things I Hate About You, then you'll love these movies.

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    Do You Know The Proper Names Of These Animals?

    Will the Tories be pleased with you?

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