• This Polite Golden Retriever Is Just Too Much

    His name is Zack, and he's great! (H/T Mashable)

  • Couples Who Met On Dating Apps Look Back On Their Very First Messages

    Online dating: "It's only shitty until you find someone you click with."

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  • EastEnders Has Cast The First Trans Man To Play A Trans Role In A UK Soap

    EastEnders will introduce Kyle, a young trans man, later this year in a major new storyline. Transgender actors and activists told BuzzFeed News they believe the casting will help transform attitudes.

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  • These Photos Of Children Working Afghanistan's Streets Will Break Your Heart

    With poverty soaring in Afghanistan, many children work on the street to help support their families.

  • Where Syrian Children Sleep

    These heartbreaking photographs document what happens when the night comes for the most vulnerable of refugees — the children.

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  • 21 Of The World's Most Powerful People As Youngsters

    Started from the bottom, now the whole team here.

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