The Financial Times described it as copyright infringement. The Spectator is seeking compensation.

Mark Di Stefano • 10 hours ago

"We have suspended ads on Tommy Robinson’s YouTube channel as it breaches our advertising policies," a spokesperson told BuzzFeed News.

Mark Di Stefano • One day ago

"No deal...No hope...No clue...No confidence"

Mark Di Stefano • 2 days ago

"As a regular person, you know that vast sums of money are being spent but you have no idea who those organisations are."

Mark Di Stefano • 3 days ago

"Either it’s true and we know it in which case just report the story, or we’re unsure in which case don’t report it until we are."

Mark Di Stefano • 8 days ago

You’ve heard of clickbait. The Sun has Drudge bait.

Mark Di Stefano • 9 days ago

Donorbox removed Robinson’s account following questions from BuzzFeed News.

Mark Di Stefano • 28 days ago

Markle's Twitter fandom are criticising UK journalists for their recent coverage of the Duchess of Sussex.

Mark Di Stefano • 29 days ago

Everyone's arguing with each other about Brexit on Facebook and nobody is changing their minds. Why should the prime minister's top advisers be any different?

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

TV networks made the joint decision after an ugly incident involving pro-Trump protesters pursuing a Guardian columnist away from cameras.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Everyone agrees there should be a TV debate, but no one agrees where, when, or who should be part of it.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Videos from Euronews were prominently displayed on the far-right website Politicalite.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

"The suggestion that a woman’s opinion is not valid because of the way she dresses is as out of touch as it is offensive."

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Facebook claimed engineers later "found no evidence of specific Russian activity".

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

The seizure could mean that the documents, which journalists have previously sued to release from a California court’s protective order, may now become public.

Ryan Mac • One month ago

Amid growing concern over pro-Kremlin propaganda in the region, the BBC launched its Serbian service following a suggestion from Britain’s Foreign Office, sources told BuzzFeed News.

Alberto Nardelli • One month ago

Gerard Batten will share a platform with the far-right activist at a Brexit protest next month, and senior figures told BuzzFeed News the party could be tainted by violence.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

"Jeff Bezos is the richest bloke on the planet; he can afford to sort this out."

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Exclusive: An investigation by the UK's data watchdog found that Leave.EU staff had access to the personal information of customers of Banks' insurance firm, Eldon.

Mark Di Stefano • 2 months ago

“I think we’d be better to probably remain and not unleash these demons,” said donor Arron Banks.

Mark Di Stefano • 2 months ago