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A Former Editor Who Sued The Times For Anti-Trans Discrimination Has Lost Her Case

Katherine O’Donnell accused the newspaper of harassment, victimisation, and unfair dismissal.

Mark Di Stefano • 2 days ago

British Diplomats Are Now Getting Ready For A No-Deal Brexit Dress Rehearsal

Exclusive: The exercise has been code-named “Exercise Yellow Rehearse”.

Alberto Nardelli • 5 days ago

A Male Senior Editor Resigned From A National Newspaper After Allegedly Groping A Female Journalist In A Pub

Sunday Mirror staffers were told that deputy editor Nick Owens left the newspaper after an “incident” involving alcohol with a woman on the staff.

Mark Di Stefano • 9 days ago

Nigel Farage Has Hired A Journalist At The Centre Of Breitbart’s Anti-Immigration Europe Coverage

Over three years, Liam Deacon published more than 2,600 stories for the right-wing website, mostly about Islam, immigration, and immigrant crime in Europe.

Mark Di Stefano • 18 days ago

Sunday Times Staff Say A Recent Column About The Problems With Unpaid Work Basically Describes Their Newsroom

“People use establishment connections to get their goddaughters two weeks on the features desk.”

Mark Di Stefano • 20 days ago

The Daily Telegraph Is Counting People With Fake Email Addresses As Its “Registered Users”

One leading digital advertising figure described the Daily Telegraph’s approach as “ridiculous”.

Mark Di Stefano • 23 days ago

Here's What Welcomed Daily Telegraph Journalists To Their Offices Today

"Cringe," one journalist texted BuzzFeed News.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago
Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Here's Why The BBC Doesn't Want To Call Trump A Racist

“Our role is to be the platform on which the British people will have the argument. I don't want us to be sucked in by the Twitter mob.”

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago
Mark Di Stefano • One month ago
Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

A New Poll Has Found A Third Of Young British People Have Anti-Feminist Views

"When [feminism] is offered as a simple explanation for these anxieties around their own place in the world, that’s when it starts to take hold."

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

The Far-Right Bromance At The Heart Of Italy's Russian Oil Scandal

The relationship between Italian Deputy Prime Minister Matteo Salvini and longtime aide Gianluca Savoini goes back 20 years.

Alberto Nardelli • One month ago

Far-Right Activist Tommy Robinson Has Been Sent Back To Prison For Contempt Of Court

Robinson, whose real name is Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, was given a nine-month sentence. He will only serve 10 weeks in prison to reflect time already served.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Donald Trump Just Can't Stop Tweeting About The UK Ambassador Who Said He Was "Insecure"

Leaked memos, a "wacky ambassador" and a president who won't stop tweeting.

Mark Di Stefano • One month ago

Como a imprensa se enganou ao chamar a morte desta adolescente de “eutanásia legal"

Relatos imprecisos, alegando que a holandesa de 17 anos tinha sido “eutanasiada legalmente”, foram tão difundidos na internet que até o papa tuitou sobre isso.

Mark Di Stefano • 2 months ago



Mark Di Stefano • 2 months ago

Australia's Account Of The London Meeting That Led To The Trump–Russia Investigation Will Remain Secret

In a five-page decision following an appeal from BuzzFeed News, Australia's Information Commissioner said publishing a key diplomatic cable would put the relationship between Australia and the United States at risk.

Mark Di Stefano • 2 months ago

The Daily Telegraph's Star Columnist Got A Column About "The Voice" Deleted Because Her Daughter Is Auditioning For The Show

Allison Pearson told Telegraph management that she wanted the 2013 article scrubbed ahead of her daughter's new audition for the reality TV show.

Mark Di Stefano • 2 months ago

An American Sports Website Is On A Hiring Spree For Some Of Britain's Top Football Writers

"[The Athletic has] offered old journalism money, signing-on fees, comp schemes, equity," one writer told BuzzFeed News.

Mark Di Stefano • 2 months ago