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Hunger Games

What It's Like To Join The Hunger Games Franchise

Catching Fire stars Jena Malone and Jeffrey Wright and director Francis Lawrence explain all the challenges, and rewards, of joining one of the biggest movie series in Hollywood.

35 Reasons "The Hunger Games" Is Really "Battle Royale"

Sure, these movies have their differences. But when you line them up side-by-side, it's hard not to see that The Hunger Games looks a lot like an Americanized version of Battle Royale. Warning: spoilers ahead!

"Hunger Games" For Math Nerds

And you thought you'd never use Venn Diagrams again. Katniss doesn't care about the things she says she cares about.

5 Worst Online Finnick Auditions

With the wild success of the first Hunger Games movie capturing everyone's attention, everyone wants in on the highly anticipated sequel. Here are some of the worst pseudo-auditions out there.

A New Contender For Finnick Odair

While Taylor Kitsch is out of the race for the coveted role of Finnick Odair in The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. The campaigns are still going and a new face might have a big shot at landing the role.

The Hunger Games...Peppa Pig Style!

The company that make the Hunger Games also make Peppa Pig. Imagine the disappointment when #CatchingFire was nothing like this. Gutted.

"Hunger Games" Inspired Cocktails

May the drinks be ever in your favor with these tasty Hunger Games inspired cocktail recipes!

Disney Hunger Games

Prediction: Aladdin will beat them all.

Hunger Games Beard Necklace Is Awesomely Creepy

Hunger Games fashionistas can jump onboard the popular moustache necklace trend by creating a Seneca Crane BEARD necklace. It's hard to look cute in this piece, but it's possible. May the odds be ever in your favor.

Da Hunger Games

The Hunger Games gets the Hip-Hop treatment.

Set Fire To The Games

Katniss Everdeen, the girl on fire, channels some Adele to set fire to the Hunger Games.

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