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24 Times The Cast Of "The Hunger Games" Broke Character

A look behind the scenes.

1. When Gary Ross casually hung out with Katniss and Peeta.

2. That time Katniss fed Rue a grape.

3. And then she fed herself a cracker.

4. When Thresh gave Clove tickets to the gun show.

5. That day all the tributes were doing some weird slow-mo thing.

6. And when Marvel curled up in his seat like a lovestruck boy.

7. When Katniss made a move on Clove.

8. That time Caesar Flickerman and Cato shared a laugh.

9. And when Marvel and Clove shared a hug.

10. When Rue threw up a peace sign, Doritos in hand.

11. When Katniss gave Gary a super creepy look.

12. That time Glimmer showed off her killer makeup.

13. When the tributes posed for the camera in their parade costumes.

14. When Katniss gave Peeta a super cute hug.

15. And then smiled while he suffered a sword gash in his leg.

16. When Thresh broke it down.

17. And Glimmer.

18. And Marvel.

19. That time Katniss did this hybrid-cartwheel maneuver.

20. And when she got this knife taken away from her for playing with the props.

21. When Foxface and Clove bonded at the arena.

22. When Katniss tickled Rue.

23. When the tributes held the District 3 girl tribute with all smiles.

24. And when Katniss made this face.