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23 Signs You're A Modern-Day Katniss Everdeen

Alicia Keys' "Girl on Fire" is most-played on your iTunes.

1. You eat only organic food.

Via The Hunger Games

And are an excellent raw chef.

2. You prefer French or fishtail braids. No-fuss yet Goddess-like.

3. You're remarkably good at darts.

4. You have an aversion to reality TV.

5. But know how to work the cameras. / Via


6. You'll do anything for your family.

7. Your younger siblings idolize you.

8. Multiple attractive people are vying for your heart.

9. But no one wins your affection easily.

10. So when you do love someone, you're intensely loyal.

11. And you kiss like a damn movie star.

12. You're a bit of a pyro.

13. You're the bravest of your friends.

14. You were, like, the best Girl Scout.

15. You're well-spoken.

16. You don't trust authority.

17. You're a tomboy with a penchant for fine leather boots.

18. And cool pins.

Etsy / Via

19. But you can rock that haute couture.

Via The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

20. You're a decent actress. Charming under pressure.

21. People want to be you.


With questionable wigs.

22. You have a temper.

23. But, deep down, a tender heart.

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