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These 'Hunger Games' Fan Theories Might Change The Way You Look At The Series

There are lots of juicy, seemingly well-researched fan theories out there. Here's three of my favorites.

Foxface's Death / Via

Theory: Foxface actually committed suicide

Oh, this one is so dang good! Redditor circlemanfan proposes an incredibly plausible idea that Foxface's death was actually a suicide. Here's some of the points he makes:

It's stated in Catching Fire that in the training station for edible plants, only the plants that are going to be featured in the games are described. Foxface is described and shown as incredibly intelligent. Wouldn't someone this smart know to memorize all of the poisonous plants listed? She knew that her strategy was to not attack, so wouldn't she put priority during training to master survival skills.

And then comes the reason why it appeared as an honest mistake. Foxface knew what would happen if she blatantly committed suicide, it would look like defiance to the Capitol and her family would be killed. She decided to end it this way to make sure no one would think she was trying to outsmart anybody.

This makes me sad for some reason. Just the whole damn concept of the Hunger Games is depressing as hell. But it does make sense that someone as clever as Foxface would choose a more peaceful, death on her own terms, rather than face a more brutal ending to her life. Perhaps she realized at some point she didn't have a chance. Ugh. If I was chosen to be in the Hunger Games, I can only hope that I'd have a sister like Katniss to take my place, because I would probably poop my pants the minute I was released into the game. Heck, I'd poop my pants just going to the Reaping.

The series takes place in an alternate history

Theory: Hunger Games takes place in a world where Britain won the Revolutionary War

Redditor TheMartianManhunter has a fascinating take on the world created by Suzanne Collins. Here's some of what he had to say:

Now, imagine that Britain won. What would they do? Would they decimate all 13 of the colonies? No. They would kill the signers of the Declaration of Independence, and then strike fear into the hearts of the remaining 12 colonies. How? By killing one off. What I propose is that Britain, having just gone through a large war with the rebellious colonists, would set up a small center of command to regulate the colonies. This would be in the Rockies and have a leader similar to the Governors that Britain placed in Massachusetts and others before the Revolution. This would be Snow. Also, the books states that the colonies occur in a region that used to be called Appalachia. This is where the 12 colonies/ districts are. The differences in geography between the colonies would be born out of the Revolutionary War, the Dark Days, the "destruction" of a colony, and time itself.

It's kind of cool how the numbers match up, it's honestly something I never thought about. Even some of the industries are a matches for the regions, for instance the coal-mining. As with any fan theory, there are a lot of detractors, and I see their points as well as far as the timing being off. I still like the idea, however. And I can appreciate an interesting idea, even if it does prove false. At the very least, I would suspect that it's very likely that Collins was influenced somewhat by the original colonies. I actually like the sinister idea, that the British government would kill of an entire colony to strike fear into the remaining 12. I would definitely read a book that gave a look at what America would look like today had the rebellion not succeeded. Probably a lot more scones and clotted cream, a lot less pizza dipped in ranch dressing.

The rebellion was in the works for a long time / Via

Theory: Katniss was groomed to be the symbol of the rebellion before she was even born

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Whoooooa. Redditor rielaielar lays out a very detailed and utterly riveting theory in his post. Here's a bit of what he has to say:

My theory is that this group's involvement in Katniss's life goes much further back than this plan; They aren't just using Katniss as a symbol of revolution, they purposely crafted her, from a very young age, to be a symbol, with the express goal of starting a revolution. So they need to groom a kid to win the Hunger Games and become their symbol, and this means they need to train someone from an early age while at the same time ensuring that this young child doesn't tell anyone else he/she is being trained. Because of this, they decide to use Katniss's father's child, who he can train to hunt without fearing she will tell someone. This explains his marriage to Katniss's mother, a friend of Madge's mother and the daughter of a medical family, who can teach this future-tribute the one survival skill he doesn't have, first aid. So they have Katniss, he teaches her how to use a bow and arrow and survive in the wilderness, her mother tries to teach her medical skills (although she probably doesn't know about the plan). These both give Katniss a huge advantage in the arena, and she definitely would have died without at least the shooting and survival skills.

There is SO much more, you really should read it. It kind of makes me want to read all the books again so I can look for more clues of this being the case. Clearly I have no life if I think that this is a perfectly good way to spend valuable time.

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