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17 Catching Fire & Mockingjay Halloween Costume Ideas

Basic Hunger Games costumes were so 2012.

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Hunger Games costumes were huge last year. Pink wigs and flowers could turn you into an instant Effie. A side braid, black clothing, and a toy bow and arrows set was all you needed to go as a recognizable Katniss.

Halloween 2013 is almost here, and a few short weeks later this happens

Catching Fire hits theaters in less than two months baby! Followed by Mockingjay parts 1 and 2 in November 2014 and 2015. Hunger Games costumes definitely aren't going anywhere.

7. Extra rope lying around? Dress like Finnick Odair at the Opening Ceremony

In the book he's literally just wearing knotted ropes that prevent him from being fully naked. Great costume for dudes looking to take advantage of the Halloween slut rule.

8. Any of the Victors in their Quarter Quarrel arena jumpsuit

Easily become one of the Victors selected to return to the area. Make your own costume with a black bodysuit and some gray acrylic paint. Accessorize with forearm guards, knee pads, and black shoes.

9. Johanna training for battle in District 13

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A great look for anyone with shorter hair, as Johanna rocked a shaved head in District 13. Throw on some dark eyeshadow to make yourself look tortured, and rock a green tank, olive cargo shorts, and a throwing axe.

Show off your attention to detail by making yourself a Mockingjay watch

“Plutarch has run his thumb across the crystal face of the watch and for just a moment an image appears, glowing as if lit by candlelight. It’s another mockingjay.”

12. Or go for a darker Effie when she's reunited with Katniss at the end of the 3rd book after being held as a prisoner in The Capitol

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"Polished from her metallic gold wig to her patent leather high heels, gripping a clipboard. Remarkably unchanged except for the vacant look in her eyes."

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