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"Hunger Games" Inspired Cocktails

May the drinks be ever in your favor with these tasty Hunger Games inspired cocktail recipes!

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Katniss Everdeen Elixir

1.5 oz. CAMUS VSOP Elegance

0.75 oz. Punta Mes Vermouth

0.25 oz. Simple Syrup

0.75 oz. Lemon Juice

Laurent-Perrier Brut Champagne

Shake all except champagne. Strain into flute and top with champagne. Garnish with mint sprig.

Effie Trinket’s Pink Drink

2oz Croft Pink

1oz Premium Gin

2 dashed of Regan’s Orange bitters

3oz Ginger Beer

Pour all the ingredients into an ice-filled highball glass, stir briefly and garnish with a sprig of mint and seasonal fruit.

The Tracker Jacker’s Sting

Fresh seasonal fruit (recommended: strawberry, lime, orange, kiwi, and passionfruit)

¼ oz. Lucid Absinthe

1 ¼ oz. cachaça

½ oz. spanish brandy

½ oz. orange liquor

1 oz. red wine

In a cocktail shaker, thoroughly muddle the fruit with Lucid, cachaça, brandy, and orange liquor. Pour into wine glass. Float red wine on top of cocktail.

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