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100 BuzzFeed Quizzes That Went Viral This Decade

The best of the best.

100. Can We Guess Your Age By Your Taste In Movies?

99. Create A Sampler Platter And We'll Guess Your Age And Height

98. Eat Your Way Through This Wedding And We'll Reveal When You'll Get Married

97. How Sexually Pure Are You?

96. How Basic Are You?

95. What Per Cent Posh Are You?

94. How Much Do You Hate People?

93. Could You Pass A 1954 Home Economics Class?

92. The Hardest "Friends" Quiz You'll Ever Take

91. This Ink-Blot Test Will Determine Your Personality

90. Which College Should You Actually Go To?

89. Which Biblical Heroine Are You?

88. How Well Do You Actually Know Harry Potter?

87. Which Car Should You Actually Drive?

86. Which "Frozen" Character Are You?

85. If You've Eaten 38/54 Of These Foods, You're An Adventurous Eater

84. Which "Hunger Games" District Do You Actually Belong In?

83. Order From A Kids Menu And We'll Reveal How Many Kids You'll Have

82. Can You Guess Which Shoe Is The Most Expensive?

81. What Grade Are You Getting In Life?

80. Can You Waste $1 Million In A Week?

79. This Weird Food Test Will Tell Us Your Age And Location

78. We Know Your Age Based On Your Hipster Choices

77. Can We Accurately Guess Your Romantic Type?

76. What Percent Nerdy Are You?

75. Build A Perfect Boyfriend And We’ll Reveal A Deep Truth About You

74. "好きな食べ物"を4つ選ぶと年齢がバレる診断

73. Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can See These Cupcakes Accurately

72. Which Disney Villain Are You?

71. We Know What Your Engagement Ring Will Look Like Based On Your Makeup Preferences

70. This Quiz Will Tell You The Exact Age You’ll Get Married

69. Which Disney Prince Is Your True Love?

68. Pick An Outfit At Hot Topic And We'll Guess How Old You Are

67. Your Stance On These 20 Unpopular Foods Will Reveal Your Most Polarizing Quality

66. We Know How Old You Are Based On Which Food Disgusts You

65. 【激ムズ】「色彩能力者」にしか読めない文字

64. What Does Your Hair Say About You?

63. What Age Are You, Really?

62. Are Your Physical Traits Mostly Dominant Or Recessive?

61. Why Are You Single?

60. What Color Lightsaber Would You Wield?

59. Can You Spot The Real Disney Character From The Fake?

58. Can We Guess Your Eye And Hair Color With This Food Test?

57. Which Weird Food Holiday Falls On Your Birthday?

56. What's Your Moral Alignment?

55. Do You Actually Prefer Chocolate Or Cheese?

54. Order An Expensive Meal And We'll Tell You The Age Of Your Soul

53. Which "Divergent" Faction Do You Actually Belong In?

52. How Many Life Skills Do You Have?

51. Which Character From "The Office" Are You?

50. What Haircut Should You Actually Have?

49. Can You Spot The Fuckboy?

48. Can You Recognize These Foods Without Color?

47. Can You Pick The Highest-Calorie McDonald's Menu Item?

46. Which Weird National Day Falls On Your Birthday?

45. Your Reaction To These 20 Photos Will Reveal A Deep Truth About You

44. Pick Seven Junk Foods And We'll Tell You What % Trash You Are

43. What Kind Of Person Are You Actually?

42. What Period In History Do You Really Belong In?

41. Which U.S. President Are You?

40. Sorry, If You’re Under 40 There’s No Way You’ll Pass This Quiz

39. We Know The Name Of Your Next Lover Based On The Food You Order From McDonald's

38. Can We Guess How Old You Are Based On Your Starbucks Order?

37. Which "Game Of Thrones" Character Are You?

36. What Country Do You Actually Belong In?

35. Do You Actually Have Terrible Food Opinions?

34. The Toughest Game Of "Would You Rather" You Will Ever Play

33. Your McDonald's Order Will Tell Us Your Exact Age

32. Build A Salad And We'll Guess Your Age And Dream Job

31. Which Classic Rock Band Are You?

30. This Word Test Will Reveal If You're More Introverted Or Extroverted

29. Which "Grease" Pink Lady Are You?

28. Can You Pick The Guy With The Biggest Dick?

27. Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Taste In Music?

26. Can We Guess Your Age And Gender From These 10 Questions?

25. We Know Your Exact Age Based On What Alcohol You Drink

24. Which Mythical Creature Are You?

23. Which European Country Do You Actually Belong In?

22. The Hardest Disney Quiz You'll Ever Take

21. What Should Your College Major Actually Be?

20. What Actress Would Play You In The Movie Version Of Your Life?

19. Which Harry Potter Character Are You?

18. Can We Guess Your Age And Location With This Food Test?

17. What's Your Patronus?

16. Shop At PINK And We’ll Give You A Beautiful City To Visit

15. Which "Friends" Character Are You?

14. Which Disney Princess Are You?

13. How Stereotypically White Are You?

12. Only People With Perfect Color Vision Can Read These Words

11. What Food Matches Your Personality?

10. Which Decade Do You Actually Belong In?

9. Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In?

8. Pick An Outfit And We'll Guess Your Exact Age And Height

7. What Kind Of Dog Are You?

6. How Privileged Are You?

5. This Sorting Quiz Will Tell You Which Hogwarts House You Truly Belong In

4. How Much Of A Picky Eater Are You?

3. What Career Should You Actually Have?

2. What City Should You Actually Live In?

1. What State Do You Actually Belong In?