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Sorry, If You’re Under 40 There’s No Way You’ll Pass This Quiz

I'm sorry, millennials.

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  1. These used to be found in every car. What were they for?

  2. What would you typically store in this?

  3. What would you use this for?

    Twitter: @KingJamesofDfs
  4. What did this do?

    Twitter: @EuroCarParts
  5. What were these dividers used for?
  6. What's this?

    Twitter: @olddriver55
  7. And this?
  8. What's this thing?
  9. What are these?

    Twitter: @Mr_Mike_Clarke
  10. What's this?

    Twitter: @novarlynx
  11. What's this thing?
  12. And what's this thing?
  13. What was this for?
  14. What's this person attempting to do?

    Twitter: @captbearddock
  15. What's inside this case?

    Twitter: @fras99
  16. What's the relationship between these two?

    Facebook: R-K-Home-Improvement
  17. What are these?

    Twitter: @no_silenced
  18. And this thing? What the heck is it?
  19. What's this?
  20. And finally... do you know what this is?


The question about the penny and the record player originally had two answers that were both technically right. But, and hear me out for a second, what if the real penny and record player is the friends we made along the way? Just something to think about.

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