What Kind Of Person Are You Actually?

In the 1970s, Gary Gygax sat down to figure out a system that would categorize the moral composition of every possible person. What he came up with was the Advanced Dungeons & Dragons alignment test, and it applies to literally everyone.

    1. Via qbn.com
    1. “Freedom over all.”
    2. “Go with honor.”
    3. “Good can only come of evil.”
    4. “To thy own self be true.”
    5. “Not through strength, but through cunning.”
    6. “Ever Skyward.”
    1. The Umbrella Corporation
    2. Ghostbusters
    3. Aperture Science
    1. Monsters, Inc.
    2. Jurassic Park
    3. Dunder Mifflin, Inc.
    1. Darth Vader
    2. Andy Dwyer
    3. Tyrion Lannister
    1. Cartman
    2. Jon Snow
    3. Saul Goodman
    1. Hermione Granger
    2. President Snow
    3. Captain Jack Sparrow

Correction: A previous version of this quiz accidentally displayed a symbol some found offensive. The symbol has been replaced.

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