What Color Lightsaber Would You Wield?

Have you ever even considered what color lightsaber you would use if you were a Jedi or Sith? This technology is just around the corner. Better figure it out now so you’re ready when lightsabers finally do become a reality.

    1. Via moddb.com
    1. Your boyfriend/husband
    2. Your girlfriend/wife
    3. Your parents
    1. Your pets
    2. Your kids
    3. Yourself
    1. Rancor
    2. Sarlacc
    3. Exogorth
    1. Wampa
    2. Dianoga
    3. Jar Jar Binks
    1. Speeder Bike
    2. Bantha
    3. AT-AT Walker
    1. Tauntaun
    2. X-wing
    3. Slave I

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