How Privileged Are You?

Check(list) your privilege.

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  1. Check off all the statements that apply to you.
    1. I am white.
    2. I have never been discriminated against because of my skin color.
    3. I have never been the only person of my race in a room.
    4. I have never been mocked for my accent.
    5. I have never been told I am attractive “for my race.”
    6. I have never been a victim of violence because of my race.
    7. I have never been called a racial slur.
    8. I have never been told I “sound white.”
    9. A stranger has never asked to touch my hair, or asked if it is real.
    10. I am heterosexual.
    11. I have never lied about my sexuality
    12. I never had to “come out.”
    13. I never doubted my parents’ acceptance of my sexuality.
    14. I have never been called “fag.”
    15. I have never been called “dyke.”
    16. I have never been called a “fairy,” or any other derogatory slur for homosexuals.
    17. I have never tried to hide my sexuality.
    18. I am always comfortable with P.D.A. with my partner in public.
    19. I have never pretended to be “just friends” with my significant other.
    20. I have never been ostracized by my religion for my sexual orientation.
    21. I have never been told I would “burn in hell” for my sexual orientation.
    22. I have never been told that my sexuality is “just a phase.”
    23. I have never been violently threatened because of my sexuality.
    24. I am a man.
    25. I feel comfortable in the gender I was born as.
    26. I still identify as the gender I was born in.
    27. I have never tried to change my gender.
    28. I have never been denied an opportunity because of my gender.
    29. I make more money than my professional counterparts of a different gender.
    30. I have never felt unsafe because of my gender.
    31. I have never been catcalled.
    32. I have never been sexually harassed or assaulted.
    33. I have never been raped.
    34. I work in a salaried job.
    35. My family and I have never lived below the poverty line.
    36. I don’t have any student loans.
    37. I have never gone to bed hungry.
    38. I have never been homeless.
    39. My parents pay some of my bills.
    40. My parents pay all of my bills.
    41. I don’t rely on public transportation.
    42. I buy new clothes at least once a month.
    43. I have never done my taxes myself.
    44. I have never felt poor.
    45. I have never had to worry about making rent.
    46. I have never worked as a waiter, barista, bartender, or salesperson.
    47. I have had an unpaid internship.
    48. I have had multiple unpaid internships.
    49. I went to summer camp.
    50. I went to private school.
    51. I graduated high school.
    52. I went to an elite college.
    53. I graduated college.
    54. My parents paid (at least some of) my tuition.
    55. I had a car in high school.
    56. I’ve never had a roommate.
    57. I’ve always had cable.
    58. I have traveled internationally.
    59. I travel internationally at least once a year.
    60. I studied abroad.
    61. I’ve never skipped a meal to save money.
    62. I don’t know what “Sallie Mae” is.
    63. I spent Spring Breaks abroad.
    64. I have frequent flier miles.
    65. My parents are heterosexual.
    66. My parents are both alive.
    67. My parents are still married.
    68. I do not have any physical disabilities.
    69. I do not have any social disabilities.
    70. I do not have any learning disabilities.
    71. I have never had an eating disorder.
    72. I have never been depressed.
    73. I have never considered suicide.
    74. I have never attempted suicide.
    75. I have never taken medication for my mental health.
    76. I can afford medication if/when I need it.
    77. I have never been told I’m overweight or “too skinny.”
    78. I have never felt overweight or underweight or “too skinny.”
    79. I have never been shamed for my body type.
    80. I consider myself to be physically attractive.
    81. I can afford a therapist.
    82. I’ve used prescription drugs recreationally.
    83. I have never had an addiction.
    84. I have never been shamed for my religious beliefs.
    85. I have never been violently threatened for my religious beliefs.
    86. I have never been violently attacked for my religious beliefs.
    87. There is a place of worship for my religion in my town.
    88. I have never lied about my ethnicity as self-defense.
    89. I have never lied about my religion as self-defense.
    90. All my jobs have been accommodating of my religious practices.
    91. I am not nervous in airport security lines.
    92. I have never heard this statement: “You have been randomly selected for secondary passport control.”
    93. I have never been called a terrorist.
    94. Nobody has ever tried to “save” me for my religious beliefs.
    95. I have never been cyber-bullied for any of my identities.
    96. I was not bullied as a child for any of my identities.
    97. I have never tried to distance myself from any of my identities.
    98. I have never been self-conscious about any of my identities.
    99. I have never questioned any of my identities.
    100. I feel privileged because of the identities I was born with.

3. Watch the video to see what these people scored:

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