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Can You Waste $1 Million In A Week?

Treat yo' self.

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OKAY, HERE'S THE DEAL: You receive a letter from an estate lawyer, who tells you that your distant Uncle Gerald has died. As his only heir, you're entitled to the $100 MILLION DOLLARS he left behind.

However, THERE IS A CATCH: In order to receive your inheritance, you have to spend $1 million dollars in only ONE WEEK, but you can't spend it on anything you get to keep. That means you have to waste every single dollar on temporary fun.

Katarzynabialasiewicz / Getty Images

Uncle Gerald was a bit of a strange man. (Or at least he was a big fan of Brewster's Millions.)

If you succeed, you'll get $100 million. If you fail, you get nothing (no, not even the money you have left over). Think you can waste a million bucks in just seven days? Let's give it a shot!