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    10 week old Labradinger. Mother is a chocolate lab and dad is a springer spaniel

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    Softest of the bunch. Named for Luke Hemmings of 5SOS. If he could cuddle every person who rates him super cute, he would.

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    You're happy, he's happy. You're not happy, he's still happy.

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    Theo loves being stylist and social on a daily basis

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    This little thing is now all grown up & 120 lbs!

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    Enzo 2

    Enzo loves taking pictures and cuddling.

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    Blizzard loves to play and bite toes!

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    She could understand commands in both English and Spanish. She was my first dog and had her 15 years. She passed away this past March.

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    Just piper

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    howls and cries at crying puppy videos at Youtube and never stops

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    Hello, my mission in life is to make people smile. :) Did it? If you want your daily dose of happiness follow me on IG @oreo_the_happy_puppy

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    This is my Goldendoodle Penelope. This picture was taken when she was about 9 weeks old. Those eyes...you can tell she's a sassy pup.

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    This babe loves sleeping in boxes... she actually can't stop sleeping. Just 5 months old when this pic was taken.

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    my fat and lazy baby <3

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    Sable 5

    Sable knows it's usually all about her.

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    Vela is an Italian waterdog called a Lagotto. She spends her time swimming, sailing, and surfing!

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    As long as he doesn't eat the tree we're ok.

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    Saffy 3

    A red fox labrador who is the happiest dog in the world

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    Balder 3

    Enjoys sleeping in on sundays, long walks on the beach and the feel of Egyptian cotton on a breezy morning.

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    Balder 2

    Looking for his Lady to share spaghetti and meatballs with.

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