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20 Photos Of Cute Animals Doing Jobs That Will Turn That Frown Upside Down

Working has never looked more wholesome.

1. Is anyone hiring a photographer? I know a meow-ry good one.

2. Only birds with badges can hang out at this airport!

3. Sailor cat, sailor cat, does whatever a sailor cat does!

4. Sometimes, you need a different kind of traffic controller to get the job done.

5. If that's customer service? Yes, I'll hold. Indefinitely.

6. Dog the Builder, can we fix it? Dog the Builder, yes we can!

7. This DJ has the purr-fect setlist, no doubt!

8. Slither on, nothing to see here.

9. Did someone call for a meowchanic?

10. The cluck, sorry, the clutch is broken!

11. Don't know about the ice candy, but I'd shoplift this owner!

12. If only memes paid the bills, this raccoon wouldn't need to learn to code!

13. Okay, no one say pspspsps because some serious plumbing work is underway.

14. Making the best use of those opposable thumbs by taking and selling selfies.

15. Think we found the star of Top Gun: Meowerick!

16. Socially responsible crow, FTW!

17. This artist doesn't need paint, just gentle head pats.

18. The highlight of any day, that face!

19. We bet this one is called Sparky.

20. This officer can definitely tell if your alibi is goose.