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    These 13 Wholesome Nature Facts Will Definitely Make You Smile

    Plants have siblings!

    Feel like you need to “touch some grass”?

    We got you! More like, nature’s got you, for these facts about nature — from trees to birds and bees (not those ones) — will bring a smile to your face!

    1. All sea otters hold hands when they sleep so they don’t drift away.

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    Cries in uwu 🥺🥺🥺

    2. Squirrels plant thousands of trees every year. How? They forget where they left their acorns, and those acorns grow into trees.

    3. There’s a penguin in the Edinburgh Zoo that has been knighted. Yes!

    4. Cows produce more milk when they’re listening to music.

    5. Beavers, seahorses, and puffins are just some of the animals that mate for life.

    6. Bearcats, or binturongs smell like buttered popcorn.

    7. Harvest mice can often be found asleep inside a flower.

    8. Onions don’t just make you cry, but eating too many can put you to sleep.

    9. Plants have siblings! And they can tell them apart from strangers.

    10. Similar metals can weld together on their own, when in space.

    11. Baby giraffes use their butts as pillows to sleep.

    12. Buffaloes, red deer, and some monkeys also have democracy.

    13. Pencils and diamonds are made of the same material — carbon.

    How many of these did you know? Do you have any interesting nature facts that you'd like to share? Tell us in the comments!