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    These 31 Memes Will Convince You That Birds Are Basically The Funniest

    Chonky birbs are here to conquer your hearts.

    1. This adamant rule breaker:

    2. This scary birb who knows how to toy with our fears:

    3. This very patriotic march:

    4. This attention-seeking baby:

    5. And this brat that won't stop driving you nuts:

    6. These thugs who love foul-mouthing:

    7. These daily productive drills:

    8. This great artist's statement:

    9. This absolute all-rounder:

    10. This terrifying parrot who knows how to give nightmares:

    11. This goose who identifies with doggo spirit a lot more:

    12. This gym enthusiast:

    13. I mean...this is exactly how sheet music looks:

    14. And this is how you ask for bribes:

    15. This is why you should consider adopting:

    16. And this is why polite birbs make the best sons and daughters:

    17. This is what you call a cute possessive aggression:

    18. And not this:

    19. This ever-so-evolving creature:

    20. And their unknown facts:

    21. This master of disguise:

    22. This nuisance:

    23. This reality of life:

    24. This career-defining moment:

    25. This is how true love looks:

    26. This innocent witness:

    Owl: I like to report an incident. Cop: [giggling] Do you know "hoo-dunnit"? Owl: I'm glad you think crime is funny, Officer Incompetent.

    Twitter: @TheBetaSalmon

    27. This is how Titanic should have ended:

    28. This duck channeling DDLJ scenic vibes:

    29. These birbs know high-end fashion:

    30. This vexing truth:

    31. And this is why you should always double-check your text before sending:

    When you sexting bae and autocorrect tells them "come duck me"

    Twitter: @xoMinnieJo