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    36 Unusual Pet Friendships That Make The World Such A Better Place

    Friends until the end.

    Believe it or not, pets are no stranger to teaching us humans a lesson or two about life. They're loyal, accepting, and carefree. Who wouldn't want all of those qualities and SOME?

    So, when they pair up and seek friends outside of their own species, it's not only cute, but it's proof that friendship is friendship whether you have feathers or paws. Here are 36 unusual pet friendships that make the world a better place:

    1. A pitbull cuddling with a bird.

    2. A dog and a pony living their best lives.

    3. A kitty and a bird.

    4. A dog and a bunch of goats.

    5. A dog and a bunny.

    6. A cat and a rabbit.

    7. A kitten and a pigeon.

    9. A cat and a goat.

    10. A dog and ducklings.

    11. A bear and a tiger.

    12. A fox and protective chickens.

    13. A dog and an opossum.

    14. A dog and an iguana.

    15. A dog and a cow.

    16. A cat and a baby deer.

    17. A dog and a turtle.

    18. A piglet and a billy goat.

    19. A cat and a rat.

    20. A cat and a squirrel.

    21. A dog and a hamster.

    22. A dog and a rooster.

    23. Cats and a bearded dragon.

    24. A pup and a pig.

    25. A dog and donkeys.

    26. Another cat and dog duo.

    27. A bunny and a bearded dragon.

    28. A hairless cat and a snail.

    29. More dogs and bunnies.

    30. A cat and a horse.

    31. A dog and a hedgehog.

    32. A daschund and a duckling.

    33. A dog and a crab.

    34. A rabbit and a partridge.

    35. A pony and a calf.

    36. A frog and a rat.

    Which unusual pet friendships are you stalking on the internet? Share them below.