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    This Dog's Quinceañera Is The Dose Of Happiness We All Need Right Now

    Protect Daisy at all costs!

    Meet 15-year-old Daisy Nguyen, a Chihuahua who truly puts the "golden" in "golden years."

    Her mom, Tracy Nguyen, recently celebrated Daisy's 15th year around the sun the only way she knew how — by throwing her a whole quinceañera!

    today is Daisy’s 15th birthday :)

    Twitter: @aznbbgoth

    Now, for those who don't know, a quinceañera is a popular celebration in Latin America, the Caribbean, and the US in which girls celebrate their 15th birthday. The event is supposed to mark their passage "from girlhood to womanhood," and often times, the young woman being celebrated will wear a dress and tiara of some sort to her event.

    A girl all dressed up and smiling for a photo at her quinceañera

    So, naturally, that meant Daisy — being the queen that she is — had a dress and tiara of her own too.

    we had a quince for her and bought a lil dress and tiara and it was a blast 🥺💗

    Twitter: @aznbbgoth

    "As her 15th birthday was coming up, we knew that we wanted to throw her a big quinceañera with a fabulous dress and tiara to celebrate her amazing life and as a nod to her roots," Tracy told BuzzFeed.

    "We also had so many friends and family asking when we would have a quince for her since she is loved by so many people, so we wanted to gather everyone to celebrate our precious baby, especially after being apart for so long due to COVID."

    The party was held at Tracy's parents' house, in which they invited friends, family, and Daisy's doggo friends. "My mom was actually the one who brought up the idea of getting a custom Daisy cake done after going to a dog party herself and seeing one," said Tracy. "A family friend of ours made it for us and when I picked it up, I couldn't help but laugh my ass off! In all truth, it looked more like a mouse than a Walmart version of Daisy. *laughs*"

    Daisy next to her birthday cake

    "The party was filled with music, food, games, and we even bought a piñata for the kids to break."

    Naturally, Daisy had a blast, but given our girl is a senior citizen, she called it a night as soon as she could. "She spent lots of her time taking pictures with everyone," said Tracy. "When it was time to sing happy birthday to her, we brought out the special cake and her eyes welled up with tears and she was so happy. You could definitely tell she could feel the love as we gathered around her for her special day. Towards the end of the night, Daisy got tired (as any 15-year-old dog should) and went to bed early."

    After being posted to Twitter by Tracy, Daisy amassed close to one MILLION likes and got endless love from the people she uplifted with her little doggy smile.

    It's safe to say she really made people's day. Hell, someone even wrote a poem for her:

    @aznbbgoth Happy Birthday Daisy! 🎉

    @aznbbgoth She looks so elegant and so happy and that little paw on the table I'm gonna cry!! 🥺

    Twitter: @17Louboutin

    sharing a birthday with daisy is my greatest accomplishment i think

    Twitter: @jamiechristos

    "A part of me always knew Daisy would go viral because she's just so darn cute and meme-y looking, but I never expected her birthday photo to receive so much overwhelming love from the internet," said Tracy.

    Twitter: @aznbbgoth

    "It was incredibly heartwarming and bittersweet to go through some of the responses from people around the world, especially those who shared pictures and stories of their own pups. It reminded me that the smallest things can really brighten someone's day up, so you should always do your best to be grateful for what you have and spread love and kindness whenever you can."

    Spreading love and kindness has been Daisy's MO since day one, and she's out here defying stereotypes about Chihuahuas. Tracy said, "Daisy definitely has quite a big personality, as you can probably see. She's not your typical loud, chatty, or snappy Chihuahua — but she can definitely be sassy at times, especially when she wants food or a head scratch."

    "She's very calm, collected, and classy but can always be found derping around the house or doing her 'Crazy Daisy' antics. Some of her favorite things to do are play fetch (she is an OLYMPIAN fetcher), eat chicken, and sunbathe in our garden (as a Daisy should). She's an absolute sweetheart to everyone she meets, which is certified by the heart-shaped spot that she has on her back, and is oftentimes called 'the chillest Chihuahua ever.'"

    i love u applehead daisy u are my everything

    Twitter: @aznbbgoth

    Tracy has had Daisy since 2007, which means the bond the two share is unbreakable. She said, "Daisy is truly my best friend. She has seen me grow up from a kid to an adult and has always been there for me through the ups and downs. She constantly reminds me to appreciate the important things in life and to be kind and loving, just like she is."

    "Daisy is truly the heart of our family and we've been so grateful to have such an amazing, funny, chonky, and loving companion in our lives for so many years. We love her with all our hearts and are glad the world feels the same!"

    Follow along with Daisy's future antics on her Instagram here.