Aussies Are Teaching The Rest Of The World About The Stuff That Really Frightens Them And It's Equal Parts Hilarious And Terrifying

    It's not just snakes and spiders.

    If there's one thing that Australia is known for internationally, it's our huge collection of wildlife that's both cute and cuddly (hello koalas!), as well as slightly terrifying (hello snakes and spiders!).

    Alongside this, there's a stereotype that Australians are immune to such creepy and crawlies, considering that we're fine living in such close proximity to them.

    This myth about Australians and our wildlife came up in a Reddit discussion, titled "What thing about living in Australia scared you the most?"

    In it, Canadian user u/BigSyrup348 said: "A friend and I were discussing fake animals (the Australian drop bear) [Editor's note: As someone who lives in Australia, I can confirm that drop bears are 100% real!] when he also mentioned the swooping caw. You guys have some wild wildlife Down Under."

    Australians took this opportunity to clear up some established myths and stereotypes, as well as educate non-Aussies about what really spooks us. Here are some of the best responses!

    1. "I'm guessing the swooping caw is the magpie? Honestly, that is the one I'm most afraid off. I've been cut open by the damn things and they often drop out of nowhere. If I'm looking in a dark corner of my room, I almost expect a spider to exist, so that doesn't bother me. Fuck magpies though."


    "Magpies in spring. I don't go outside without sunnies, a massive hat, running shoes and a batting stick."


    2. "Honest to god, as a kid I was taught magpie danger before stranger danger."


    3. "Spiders and snakes make me shit myself, but as long as you're not an idiot (don't go walking in long grass, check your shoes before you put your feet in) you'll be fine."


    4. "I once introduced my Canadian mate and said he was American. That look in his eye when he realised what I’d done...made my heart skip a beat."


    "Could have been worse. Accidentally introducing your Scottish mate as English will result in violence."


    5. "The rising cost of living."


    6. "Saltwater crocs. The only animal in Oz that regards humans as legitimate lunch. In comparison, I've camped in remote Canada and bears don’t scare me like this. However, it’s pretty easy to avoid crocs. Just follow common sense."


    7. "I live in Australia and have crippling arachnophobia. Snakes are fine, just need to steer clear of them and their main habitats. I visited Canada in 2019 and your wildlife scares the shit out of me. Eight foot moose?! Plus, I went for a hike and was convinced I was going to get mauled by a bear."


    "Yeah, I've never understood the fear people have for our wildlife when they come from places with fucking mountain lions and grizzly bears.

    I lived in Canada for a year and went camping once. A grizzly staunched my minivan. Told the rangers at camp and they were like "Oh wow, you’re the first person to see him for the season. He’s a teenager…was mama nearby?" Mate, I dunno! I floored it outta there because if he's a teenager and staunched the car and then snapped a tree in half while running away, I ain’t waiting to see mama bear."


    8. "Not a creature, but honestly sometimes the intensity of the heat scares me. You've really got to be prepared for it. This past summer in Melbourne, every single day has been at least four degrees hotter than predicted and this would be classified as a fairly mild summer. Animals don't really scare me at all. I've worked in the bush for a decade and never been bitten by a snake. I've stepped on a tiger snake, but was unscathed. Most animals are far more scared of us and keep out the way."


    9. "Skin cancer."


    10. "Snakes and spiders are nice friends and my closest allies against the actual enemy: Giant fucking tropical cockroaches. Fuck those fuckers, they're awful! I hate how they walk around at night with their horrible, scratchy legs making terrible noises. Once, at night, one of the fuckers found its way inside a little, cardboard gift bag filled with receipts. I think I nearly cried — the sound was the worst thing ever! They don't even have the decency to be scared when I turn on the light, I have to tiptoe around them as if they're a step parent with rage issues."


    "I was driving with my daughter in the back seat and one of those flying cockroaches flies in the window and lands on her face. I would have preferred a huntsman, that's how much I hate cockroaches. It just stayed there, dodging her little, baby hands until I was able to pull over."


    11. "Our gradual descent towards American-style capitalism and politics."


    12. "House prices."


    13. "Not scared of, but rarely commented to the international community on Reddit, the Masked Lapwing or the Australian Plover. These bad boys ground nest and swoop with a spurred wing. They're also a common occurrence on ovals, where kids hang out generally, lol."


    "Fucking plovers! The worst thing is they're a protected species...they'd fucking wanna be with how fucking arseholish they are."


    14. "The biggest rational fear [...] is jellyfish. I see box jellyfish and irukandji from time to time when diving and snorkelling, and they really put the wind up me. I've never encountered a croc in the water, but that would have to be the most terrifying creature to meet on a dive."


    15. The Centennial Park eel migration gives me the creeps."


    16. "Macca's Engadine has some of the scariest shit."


    "I was curious what Macca's Engadine was — is it a McDonald's? If that's the case, I can see your prime minister shit himself there."

    —u/BigSyrup348 (Original poster)

    17. And finally: "Having ScoMo as our prime minister is scarier than anything that could literally kill you."


    Some Reddit submissions have been edited for length and/or clarity.

    Australians, do you agree with these submissions? And for the non-Aussies reading this, what do you think about them — are they scarier than snakes and spiders?

    Let us know in the comments!