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    36 Pictures Of Turtles And Tortoises On Instagram That Shell Not Be Ignored

    Turtle, turtle.

    Do you remember Crush from the movie Finding Nemo? I'm taking you way back.


    He was the carefree sea turtle that was over 100 years old. I'm definitely going to age myself (IDGAF) by saying this, but I saw that movie in theaters when it came out. Crush was one of my favorite characters.

    Turtles and tortoises are pretty neat when you think about it. Here are 36 that are taking over land, water, and Instagram.

    1. Wanna take a dip?

    2. This one looks like an infamous photo bomber.

    3. Why do shells look cozy AF?

    4. Oh, to spend the day with a sea turtle.

    5. The cutest permanent grumpy face.

    6. Yes, clean me, human.

    7. Aww, tiny turtle.

    8. Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

    9. Playtime, anyone?

    10. Pumpkin for two, please.

    11. What a pretty shell.

    12. That almost looks like a little grin.

    13. The category is friendship.

    14. What do you mean, you can't swim?

    15. Well, just make yourself comfortable.

    16. This is perfection.

    17. Siri, play "The Climb" by Miley Cyrus.

    18. No, you can't touch my shell.

    19. Sea turtles or sea angels? I can't tell.

    20. Bet you won't find a better swim partner.

    21. So many babies!

    22. I'd cuddle this turtle. Don't judge me.

    23. The water looks AMAZING.

    24. Just keep swimming.

    25. Beach babies.

    26. Instant naps are a must when you have a shell.

    27. The fascination is real.

    28. Make sure to get my good side.

    29. What a colorful belly.

    30. Off to the sea.

    31. Tortoise typing is a budding industry.

    32. Ready for my closeup.

    33. Don't kill my vibe.

    34. Don't let shell fool you. There are cuddles to be had.

    35. Shell's out. Tongue out.

    36. Meet me at the shoreline.