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    People Are Having Out-Of-Body Experiences With These 26 Sex Toys

    You'll want whatever sex toys they're me.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A clitoral suction vibrator boasting six levels of touchless stimulation and a waterproof design, so you can go wild in the shower or tub — just like, be careful not to slip.

    Black and silver suction vibrator
    @womanizerglobal /

    In fact, maybe it's just best to use it in the bath, when you're already down and not standing, trying to stay steady in the shower?

    Promising reviews: "I refused to believe squirting was a real thing until this thing sucked the living soul out of my clitoris and gave the best vibrating orgasm ever and I squirted for first time in my entire 30-year life. Definitely better than a wand and doesn't make you go numb. 10/10 will buy again." —Amazon Customer

    Get it from Amazon for $99 (available in four colors).

    2. A hands-free vibrator by Dame designed to sit on the vulva and stimulate you with three vibration intensities...or introduce it into your couple's play for extra good vibes.

    Wet green vibrator on bathtub ledge

    Promising review: "Buzz, buzz all your anxiety, stress, and existential dread away within a matter of minutes. Then drift off into a sweet slumber and into a world where the 2016 election went in a different direction, we skipped over 2020 all together, and you're living in a cottage in some unknown European country. Your man brings you flowers and worships you but respects your space. Your workplace values you. When you go on 'holiday,' they actually leave you the hell alone. Hangovers don't exist. You eat whatever the hell you want and still look in the mirror and say 'Damn, look at you, killin' it girl.'" —Hailey

    Get it from Amazon for $135 (available in green and cream).

    3. A waterproof and rechargeable wand that's equal parts luxurious and powerful with seven vibration modes, nine inches of length and two hours of play time, so you can get to know yourself real well.

    @bellesaco /, Bellesa Boutique

    This wand also has a 5.25 inch girth. IDK why they told us that, because I swear this is an external toy only, but I am telling you because you need to know.

    Promising review: "Holy fuck. I love the sleek beautiful design, the soft texture, and all the different speeds and intensities. It’s rechargeable, so no tearing apart remotes for batteries. Super easy to figure out, and fucking bomb orgasms. B.O.M.B. I walked around with jiggly legs for like an hour after. For real, nearly reached nirvana. 10/10" —Grace

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $159 (currently only available in purple).

    4. A Fifty Shades-inspired rabbit vibrator with three vibrating speeds, nine patterns and a 5.5-inch insertable length to indulge your favorite fantasies.


    Promising review: "I don't even know where to begin, out of this world. I can honestly say you will love everything about it, it will be the best orgasm you ever have. I can't fault anything, I take it everywhere, the charge lasts for ages and wow it takes you away.. Somewhere you've never been before. I don't know how I lived without it for so long. The squirting is another story. This is the perfect size, it's orgasm after orgasm, definitely recommended 10,000% my lifesaver, my best friend." —Destiny

    Get it from Lovehoney for $49.99+ (available in gold and black).

    5. Bellesa's Diskreet Air that delivers five stimulating intensities of suction for some very very quiet sessions.

    Pink suction vibrator in clamshell case on vanity
    @bellesaco /

    This pocket-sized suction vibe packs a lot of power in its 3.5-inch diameter and waterproof design.

    Promising review: "Listen up! As someone who has spent her many formative years with more vibrators than partners I feel like some kind of expert but I always skeptical of branching out from my tried and true (like the Satisfyer 2). Yet, I bought this as a Xmas gift from me to my clit — and WOW. When I say I broke myself I literally needed to put an ice pack on myself afterward because I could NOT STOP. Wowza. Like wow... couldn’t even tear myself away for self preservation! Needed to take the next day off. But SO WORTH IT. You’ll thank me if you want quick, intense, and mind blowing. Hopefully, no ice pack needed afterwards." —TheFox

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $49.

    6. A Majesty 2 wand vibrator by Vush that'll turn up your temptation with five vibration intensities and 10 patterns to parse through at your pleasure...I mean, leisure.

    Model holding orange wand vibrator

    This bulbous beauty is waterproof, so you can show yourself some love in the shower or bath.

    Promising review: "Amazing! Love majesty’s quality, it’s got great shape, size and it feels soft and warm to the skin. My favorite part of it are the different patterns and intensity levels! They take you to amazing places and my orgasms have been super intense and delicious!" —Rosalyn A.

    Get it from Vush for $120.

    Vush is an Australia-based sexual wellness brand that’s all about self-love and creating IG-worthy sex toys that’ll rock your world and match your aesthetic.

    7. A rose-shaped clitoral suction vibrator, an iconic Amazon & BuzzFeeder fave, for its romantic design and seven soul-snatching suction intensities. 🌹

    Model holding purple rose-shaped vibrator

    As one reviewer eloquently put, RIP to the punani 🥀.

    Promising reviews: "I don't usually write reviews, blah blah blah. This thing is legit. I'm sure it was designed by the devil and patented by the Lord himself. Thirty seconds into using this my soul left my body, my legs shook and I was depleted of all hydration in my body. I also felt fire in my toes. Get off the fence and buy this. You won't regret it." —Mrs. Thompson

    "Indeed. This is a soul-snatcher. My soul left my body so fast I grabbed the only thing next to me and held on for dear life. I broke my shower curtain ripped the hinges off the wall. Would I do it again. Yes. Yes I would." —Evee

    Get it from Amazon for $54.99 (available in red and purple).

    8. A delectable glass dildo that lives up to its name, Stellar, with a curvy design and weighted feeling to stimulate those hard-to-reach spots.


    Me, to my Stellar dildo: "STELLA!!!!!" No, jk. But seriously, this was my first dildo and it changed my life: made me a believer in glass toys, made me realize what was missing from my self-love routine was weight for that ~full~ feeling, and the perk of a dildo is that it's oh so quiet. I pair this with my Puff, of course, but it also does the job, it's perfect, I love it.

    Promising review: "This is my first go around with a glass toy. I own a seemingly endless selection of vibrators, suction toys and, the like but, this toy is in a totally different league of its own👍 The experience, in combination with Jolt and, the O.M.G. spot gels was absolutely intense on every level. I was literally sweating afterwards and had to promptly sit in front of a fan to bring myself back to 🌎. I highly recommend Stellar if you are searching for something different than the status quo!" —kc6genlegacy

    Get it from Unbound for $37.

    9. The Osé 2 by Lora Dicarlo, which combines intense oral simulation with a unique G-spot stimulation for a dual-stimulating sensation that may just bring you to tears.

    @loradicarlo_hq /, @loradicarlo_hq /

    I'll give it to you quick: 10 suction intensities, three levels of "come hither" stroking mechanisms and an adjustable design to help you achieve that blissful euphoria.

    Promising reviews: "It was awkward at first to find the right fit. Planned to find private moment to take advantage of a coaching call. ANYWAY, last night my original took me to the moon and back, so I found the SPOT! Thank you, Lora, for bucking the boys!" —Kimberly I.

    "Osé 2 is a marvelous invention. It does take a bit of adjustment to get it to fit just right. The features are incredible with the movement hitting the g-spot and it feels like three things on the clitoris. The stimulation on and around the clitoris feels like light suction, vibration and a direct contact. The first time was like sensory overload and it was quick and extraordinary delicious. This new toy is exquisite and premiere to all others. The pleasure it delivers is like no other, well worth the money." —Elizabeth M.

    Get it from Lora Dicarlo for $290.

    10. The groundbreaking Diskreet Vibe by Bellesa that offers two modes of out-of-this-world satisfaction: broad and targeted.

    @bellesaco /, @bellesaco /

    No, but really — this adorable external vibe has five vibration intensities and a waterproof design for pint-size fun that packs a punch.

    Promising review: "This is the cutest vibrator I have ever owned, and the fact that it also has the power to make me see stars makes it a little miracle worker. Great for solo and partner play, and quiet enough that with a blanket it's almost silent. I've been recommending it to all my besties. Don't be thrown off by the shape. It's amazing!!" —Lilly

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $49.

    11. A vibrating anal plug designed with graduated beads and seven vibration settings, so you can explore your rear until you're satisfied.

    reviewer holding black beaded anal plug

    Promising review: "This sweet intruder glides right in with its soft-to-the-touch silicone. The finger hole to plunge deeper is such a comfort to work with. This is a must for any lonely adventure or daring couple. Its seven different pulsating settings are sure to drive you wild, make one harder than a diamond in an ice storm, or even as wet as the morning dew on a summer's day. Looking forward to spending many nights adding this little gem to help achieve maximum release over and over again. If you are into anal play or just a little curious, this is a perfect toy to help you enjoy the finer side of a GREAT sex life." —Anonymous

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    12. A dual-stimulating vibrator with 12 powerful intensity levels of suction and 10 delectable vibration patterns in the curved internal shaft.

    Red dual stimulating vibrator
    @womanizerglobal /

    This toy also comes with two silicone heads, so you can choose what fits your body best.

    Promising reviews: "Hi you, yes you, if you're after a seizure-inducing, space-explorative, explosive and full-throttled experience that will literally shake your body and soul into tomorrow,  then get this stimulating machine. It'll replace your husband, your hand, and your best friend. Say goodbye to 'good orgasms' and say hi to great orgasms. The power will force you to call them by a dominant name, mine is Charlie, and boy does it rock my vagina." —Lenin

    "This is THE best toy ever! So I thought I need a really good toy that will make me orgasm without the need for porn and boy, did this toy do the job! The very first time I used it, I had multiple orgasms in less than five minutes! I feel like I can just keep coming over and over again for ages, that’s what this toy does to you. Normally after an 'orgasm feast' (as I like to call it) my legs are so weak I don’t dare get up which brings me to another point, I’ve never felt such intense, electric, body tensing orgasms like this before! It is out of this world and I swear I feel my soul leaving my body every time. Haha! It is very expensive but it does a wonderful job." —Cummer A

    Get it from Lovehoney for $219.99 (available in black and red).

    13. A flexible palm-sized vibrator to rock your world with five rumbly intensities and five powerful patterns for you to experiment with.

    Model holding plum external vibrator

    Its unique shape offers pinpointed and broad stimulation for versatile use.

    Promising review: "I had the most life-changing, soul-uniting orgasm when I used the POM. The outer material is so soft and the buttons are placed intuitively making it easier to give your body what it needs when it needs it." —Emily M.

    Get it from Dame for $95 (available in Jade and Plum).

    14. A triple-stimulating vibrator with graduated anal beads, a thick internal shaft and external rabbit "ears," so you can try reach all your favorite spots at once.

    Pink triple-stimulating rabbit vibrator

    Promising review: "When I say this gave me life, took it, and gave it back again 🥴 it was everything I wanted and then some. I was really impressed by the touch and feel of it was very silky like then the vibration settings omg. It’s takes no time or effort to clean it I most definitely would recommend to get I promise you will not be disappointed cause I slept like a baby when it was all over." —Andrea

    Get it from Amazon for $27.69+ (available in pink and purple).

    15. The BuzzFeed AirVibe, which *of course* made the list with over 1,500 reviews and 15 intensity levels of dual stimulation.

    Model holding red dual stimulating vibrator
    @bellesaco /

    OK, so the AirVibe is in such high demand that there's a wait, but trust me: it is worth it. The flexible shaft allows you to find the perfect position for those 10 vibration settings to blend with those five delicious suction intensities. 

    Promising reviews: "Okay so.. I bought it because of the coupon I received and the reviews.... some people were like 10 seconds and then 💥 BOOM 💥 you come. I didn’t think that was true but I thought it would be fun to give it a try. Okay. (Phew) so ... just tried it and had to write a I know what y’all saying...she gonna say the same like everyone else...well yess! This was amazing...omg 10 secs was no lie... soon as I turn it on and adjust it to my clit CHILLLLLLLEEE I almost passed out. But wait there’s more... so I was thinking okay that was amazing I’m done... nope another flood came down! WTH is this sh*t ! I think I was floating I. The universe... I only came back down cause I started to get hungry... soooooooooooooo Great buy! Buy for all your girlfriends and even your cranky neighbor who looks like she never knew she even has a clitoris." —Wine

    "GOODBYE EVERYONE, I HAVE PASSED AWAY. I would like to say that after 10 mins post climax, I can't even cross my legs bc it continues my orgasm. My body is floating away and I'm okay with that. I came for the first time internally and I CANT EVEN BELIEVE IT. I feel fresh and transformed. WHAT AN EXPERIENCE. The only issue I had was that it kept slipping out of my hand because of my juices, but I think that speaks more for how amazing this toy is. Get this AirVibe, you wont regret it." —I can't remember my own name

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $69.

    16. A wireless wand vibrator designed with a shower-friendly silicone head, three speeds and seven patterns...and when you're ready? Press that little lightning bolt "surge" button to take you over the edge.

    Honey Play Box

    Promising review: "Third time using it when I came, my world went silent and my soul momentarily left my body." —Araceli

    Get it from Honey Play Box for $129 (originally $142).

    Honey Play Box is based in California and run by a group of sex educators / lesbian meme queens who believe pleasure, play, health, and accessibility are necessary for positive sexual experiences.

    17. The tried-and-true Satisfyer Pro 2 that'll probably make your legs twitch and the simulation glitch because of the power of its 11 no-contact pulsation intensities.

    Model holding rose gold suction vibrator next to pink box

    Promising reviews: "OMG...This is a game-changer. I bought this toy on a recommendation from a guy and all the reviews. When it was delivered I made sure the house was empty, there was towels, the phone was nearby in case emergency services were needed and I prepared to have my soul sucked out of my body. I found the toy a little hard to get placed just right the first time but once I did (the key for me was starting it about four to five clicks up) it was amazing. It took less than two minutes for this little devil to do its evil work of soul sucking, which most guys claim to be able to rock my world in. As I laid there waiting for my soul to return to me, lighter and freer, I contemplated my life before my new best boyfriend ever! Definitely a game-changer for the single girls, those who are apart from their mates and those with clueless men." —Nikki B

    "Since I got mine, I don’t even know if I wanna have a relationship with anyone again… perfect! Makes your soul get out of your body, have a crazy trip and come back. 11/10" —Anonymous

    Get it from Amazon for $32.95 (available in three colors).

    18. An 8-inch stainless-steel wand boasting a curvy shape and bulbous ends that'll deliver a delectable "massage" to your deepest muscles...if you catch my drift.

    Reviewer touching curved stainless steel dildo

    This hefty dildo or wand is two pounds and has a 1" diameter bulb on one end and 1.5" diameter on the other, so you can tease and please your favorite holes.

    Promising review: "This is without question one of the highest quality sexual enhancement products that I have ever purchased. But perhaps even more important than the quality of the product is how (extremely) well it works! The packaging is superb. It's pure black, with the Njoy logo in silver on the bottom left corner. The interior has a nice foam lined with pink satin, with a little indent that makes it easy to pull the wand out. It's really sturdy packaging and perfect for the nice heavy high quality steel with the sexy curve. The wand itself is gorgeous, with a nice mirror finish. The wand tapers nicely from end to end It feels heavy and solid like steel should, and you just know that this will last forever. This doesn't really look like a crude sex toy, and if the kids happen to come across it they probably won't even know what it is. This is definitely a great product for both sexes. It provides mind blowing G-spot orgasms and superbly accurate mind blowing prostate massage. Nothing else can pinpoint the G-spot or the P-spot like this NJoy wand does. NOTHING! Based on my extremely positive experience with this product, I am very interested in trying other NJoy products as well. Buy this wand. You will NOT be disappointed!" —R. Tom

    Get it from Amazon for $98.45.

    19. A Baci clitoral stimulator that satisfies with 10 intensities of airflow technology to deliver the best parts of oral without any of the yadda yadda yadda.

    Pink suction vibrator
    @loradicarlo_hq /

    It's also waterproof and soft-to-touch for a superior sensual solo session (or partnered, but the alliteration was jut really working right then). 💦 

    Promising review: "This is all you need. This thing did it for me!! BTW, I have never squirted like this before. I am literally on cloud nine (: now off to go change my sheets. LOL Only thing is it’s pretty loud and the magnet from the charger is very sensitive. But I still 10/10 recommend." —Sassy

    Get it from Lora Dicarlo for $129.99 (originally $160).

    20. A rippled vibrator that's 7 inches long with three speeds and four patterns for a beginner-friendly, mind-blowing experience.

    Pink vibrator

    Promising reviews: "This is the first vibrator I’ve ever owned...and at first I wasn’t expecting much, just some sexy fun with a new toy... but DAMN. BUY THIS PRODUCT. This vibrator defined PLEASURE in my dictionary. This vibrator made me believe in god. This vibrator has given me a reason to wake in the morning. I’ve reached an orgasmic Nirvana. Leg shaking, sheet grabbing, pleasure screaming, SOAKING WET fucking Nirvana. God bless Lovehoney, and god bless the silencer whisper-quiet vibrator, 7 inch." —Anonymous

    "I never ever write reviews... but this one, oh my lord. Sent me into another dimension. Amazing BUY BUY BUY. The buildable vibrations drove me wild and it feels so good down there! I've tried a lot and honestly feel like throwing them all out now I've encountered this one! And its waterproof!!!!" —Belle1234

    Get it from Lovehoney for $24.99 (available in pink and purple).

    21. The Puff by Unbound, which is a compact suction vibe that'll make you question why you don't have a suction toy already.

    Model holding pink suction vibrator
    @unboundbabes /

    Puff is my pandemic road dawg. When I'm in need of something quick, want to relax or just need to get rid of some of the horniness flowing through my veins...I reach for this little vibe right here. I've used it enough that I know setting #3 is where I should stay....but setting #5 is going to take me to the edge of bliss, so I indulge. Also, showers, traveling (no travel-lock though so pack it well) and crowded house discretion makes this my go-to recommendation to anyone who asks. Anyways, that's enough from me.

    Promising reviews: "I know you've all seen the review about hearing harps and seeing angels. Well let me just tell you....that review was no exaggeration. I heard the harps. I saw the angels. I saw god and I saw myself. I don't want to get too graphic but I saw god in a matter of seconds. This toy is no joke and if you're considering whether or not to make the purchase, I'm here to tell you: make. the. purchase. You deserve it and you will not be disappointed." —Autumn

    "I didn’t know that my body could do the things it did with this. I saw stars and made a mess. Make sure you put down a towel." —Sandra P.

    Get it from Unbound or Anthropologie for $46 (available in mint and pink).

    22. A unique vibrator by Bellesa that's like your finger...but better, with 105 textured rods for extra stimulation and a flickering "tongue" with 10 intensities to deliver that simulated oral feeling.

    Pink finger vibrators stacked
    @bellesaco / your finger, if it could move on double speed.

    Promising review: "Don't be fooled!! Looks small but oh baby. I've never been a vibrator person and I bought this on a whim. This sweet little number will make you feel like you've been called to high heaven — came twice in record time & felt like I was walking on air. It should be a law that every person with a clitoris should own one. Absolutely amazing. 11/10 would recommend. If you buy one, buy this one. You will not regret it." —tck

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $39.

    23. A textured cock ring that adds a little ~something something~ to both parties with five vibrating speeds and five modes to explore.

    @svakomusa / Via,

    This cock ring boasts stretch silicone and a textured bottom to help stimulate the perineum or clitoris with its five vibrating speeds and five modes.

    Promising reviews: "I bought this weeks ago and waited to review it so I could give an accurate, honest review. Let me put it like this, I don't make love without it. So much pleasure for me and her. I was reluctant to spend this kind of money on a toy, by the way, I'm a penny pincher, but it was worth way more than what it costs. Five solid stars. I keep it charged for those special moments. Not sure how it feels for her but she always makes sure I have it on. And for me it keeps me at the throbbing stage that makes me feel like a beast." —Lindsey Potetz

    "This arrived in the mail yesterday. I got it charged up right away. After lubing up my husband and putting on the ring I mounted him. Started on the lowest setting and started feeling the excitement right away. I ended up having an amazing orgasm on level four. I find that clitoral stimulation mind-blowing. After he fell asleep I had to use the vibrator again to fall asleep. This little toy is a bit of heaven!" —MsLing

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99.

    24. A double-ended dildo designed with a poseable shaft and girthy internal bulb that allows your pelvic muscles to do the hard work while you (and your lover) enjoy the ride.

    Purple double-ended dildo with bullet vibrator
    Wet For Her

    Combine this harness-compatible dildo with the included rechargeable bullet vibrator boasting five speeds to help take your pleasure to another level. 

    Promising review: "OMG! One of the best sex toys that I've ever used. I was recommended this product and pre-warned that it can be somewhat awkward to use so I didn't have extremely high expectations BUT I was truly blown out of the water. It wasn't awkward or difficult to use at all. My partner and I came very fast, it truly is a magical toy. Worth the purchase even for that one use." —Natasha

    Get it from Wet For Her for $93.46 (originally $109.95 and available in three sizes).

    25. A small, but mighty wand vibrator that'll rock your world with 20 vibration settings and a water-resistant design for amplifying your shower time.

    Model holding pink wand vibrator

    Promising reviews: "Deceased. Dead. Soul gone. Slept for 14 hours after this thing. I’ve been stuck in my room for a month. The devil, the literal devil🌚 i’ll take 20." —Sydney

    "If you are lonely, going through a breakup, need some alone time, or hate your sex life this is the product for you! I have only used it once and even on the lowest setting my soul left my body. I left earth and came back feeling like a whole new person. Easy to control, discreet, and better than any man could ever be. Wowza!" —Shel

    Get it from Amazon for $22.05+ (available in four colors).

    26. A Satisfyer One Night Stand suction vibrator that takes the idea of a "quickie" to a whole new level with clit-melting suction and a waterproof, disposable design.

    Red suction vibrator
    Bellesa Boutique

    Oh, it's cute. And it's cheap. This single-use toy has a 90 minute run-time, and it'll get you off exactly like that, but who's mad about it?

    Promising review: "I’ll be honest. I bought this thinking OK, it’s only $10 but maybe it’ll be nice for my girlfriend, who really enjoys oral sex. Didn’t think it would be my thing. Decided that I would give it a whirl tho, just to see. Holy motherfucking shit. I came in under two minutes. Later, I used it with my girlfriend along with a dildo and I met God and she gave me a high five. I came so hard that we had to take a break because my body was so wrecked.  I give10 stars and will be buried with this toy." —J.

    Get it from Bellesa Boutique for $10 as an add-on to any qualifying purchase over $29 or from Amazon for $9.94.

    You and your new sex toy:

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    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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