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    33 Sex Toys For Anyone Who Wants A Lot Of Orgasms In 2022

    From wands and bullets to clitoral suction devices and rabbits, here you'll find plenty of toys to make 2022 as pleasurable as possible.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A Bellesa & Buzzfeed AirVibe to provide internal and external stimulation that will blow your mind. The waterproof toy features gentle vibrations and comes in a cute red carrying case.

    Model holding the circular vibrator

    2. A Lelo Sona 2 Cruise suction vibrator that is simply ~clitorally mindblowing.~ It gets its name from the fact that it automatically reserves 20% of its power so that when you press it harder into your body when you're about to climax, it will unleash its reserve and, as the tagline suggests, BLOW. YOUR. MIND.

    The Sona 2 Purple Vibrator

    3. A Satisfyer air-pulse clitoris stimulator so you can mimic the feel of oral sex even if your partner isn't around. It uses pressure-wave technology to stimulate the sensitive area in a way that you just won't want to quit.

    4. A Le Wand petite rechargeable massager for anyone who wants a toy that works as well for solo play as it does for partnered play. Thanks to its long handle, you can easily access the labia and clit for even more good vibes during sex.

    The mini vibrating wand in pink

    5. A Dame Pillo so you can achieve the best angle possible during sex. Sure, a pillow might not seem like that fun of a toy, but thanks to the unique angle of this supportive sex accessory, it makes reaching to new depths easier than ever.

    6. A MysteryVibe Crescendo that lets you adjust the angle to whatever you desire. The waterproof toy arrives flat and can be bent however you wish. But that's not connects to an app to tailor the vibes — of which there are a whopping 16 — to your preference.

    The Crescendo

    7. A 7-inch spiral dildo to get off like never before. TBH, the tagline is too good to ignore and gets the point of this pinkish-purple toy across perfectly: "How many inches does it take to get to the center of your sweet spot?"

    The dildo

    8. A Lelo luxury rabbit vibrator to achieve double stimulation at once. The unique cutout design makes maneuvering the toy easier, making different angles more accessible. In other words, hello G-spot!

    The Soraya Wave

    9. A Calexotics Silicone double dildo so you can pleasure both holes at once. The bendable, 12-inch dildo is waterproof, ribbed, and works wonders at hitting the G-spot.

    The double dildo

    10. A suction cup dildo that's the perfect option for folks who dig vibrations, too. The toy features 5 inches of insertable length, along with five steady speeds and vibration patterns. And, since it can stick to pretty much anything, you can get creative with positions while using it.

    The red vibrating dildo

    11. A Satisfyer masturbator – this pressure-regulated sleeve applies negative pressure to the deepest levels of the shaft of the penis so that it can stay harder for longer while enjoying all the different sensations. It's fab for solo use or as foreplay before sex.

    the satisfyer masturbator

    12. A Lelo dual-ended vibrator that's as enjoyable for the person wearing it as it is for the person penetrating. It's designed for one end to fit inside while the other curves around to pleasure the clit. The result? Mind-blowing sex every time. And, since it comes with a remote control, you could even wear it out in public and let your partner control it if you're into that.

    Model holding the double ended vibrator

    13. A 3Some Total Ecstasy toy for folks who want triple the pleasure. Equipped with a wireless remote, the waterproof toy is designed to offer double penetration, as well as clitoral stimulation. And it vibrates.

    The 3some Toy

    14. A set of Bondage Couture wrist cuffs to put your partner in control of your O. The vegan leather and gold buckles and chains make for a chic addition to a very sexy time.

    The wrist cuffs

    15. A Diskreet Vibe by Bellesa so you can focus on your pleasure wherever you are without bringing a ton of attention to it. The small vibe fits into a tiny blue carrying case. When out of its case and in action, the vibe works wonders for clitoral stimulation.

    Model holding circular vibrator with flat clitoral stimulator

    16. A Le Wand Deux that will make you want to get off each and every night. While it works wonders on the clit, it's equally as tantalizing on other erogenous areas of the body, like the nipples and neck.

    Hands holding the mini, USB-like vibrator

    17. An Air by Bellesa dual-stimulator vibe to help you get off from every angle. Where the insertable length features a vibrating ribbed texture, the clit stimulator offers negative pressure waves to mimic mind-blowing oral.

    The Air by Bellesa

    18. A Satisfyer Pro 2 for folks who wish they had more oral opportunities. Whether you're too busy to (or simply can't be bothered) to find a partner, this suction device will recreate your favorite tongue-on-clit sensations. And, to be honest, it can be even better.

    19. A Lelo F1s Red so you can caress your shaft on a whole new level. The high-tech device links to an app to tailor the vibes, and works wonders for solo play and sex prep.

    20. A jack rabbit thrusting vibe that will occupy all of your free time once you get it. Now, keep in mind, this vibe is likely girthier than you're imagining — when I opened it I went wide-eyed at the size. That said, our orifices are muscles and can stretch, so don't be shy about this 9-inch vibrating thruster, which, BTW, has seven vibration modes and three thrusting settings (woof).

    The Calexotics Rabbit

    21. A Le Wand contoured stainless-steel dildo for folks who love a little (okay, a lot) extra girth. In addition to being fat, this S-shaped dildo is an impressive 10.95 inches long, with G-spot targeting bulbs on either end, as well as ribbing in between.

    The long metallic dildo  with grooves

    22. A Lelo remote control prostate massager that can enhance orgasms by up to 33%. The longer, more bulbous end goes into the anal canal, while the other end presses into the taint. Both ends vibrate and are controlled by a remote, so you can guide yourself or give your partner full control.

    The black prostate massager

    23. An Ovo E7 Silkskyn Rabbit so you can better access your G-spot. The insertable length features a flat, textured tip that stimulates the area, while the shorter, curved surface works to target the clit.

    The Ovo Rabbit Vibrator

    24. A Finger Pro by Bellesa to make manual stimulation that much more erotic. The silicone sleeve fits onto your finger and features a textured tip that encompasses the clit in toe-curling sensations. Just keep in mind that, thanks to the pinpoint tongue-like piece in the center, it can get super sensitive, super fast.

    The silicone finger vibrator

    25. A We-Vibe Chorus vibrator that's incredible for solo play and partnered play, and especially beneficial for long-distance play. The app-operated vibrator is designed to pulse along to your favorite music and can be operated from afar. What's more, it can be worn during sex, giving you and your partner next-level, on the beat vibes.

    The vibrator and remote set

    26. A Nirvana by Bellesa wand to enhance solo and partnered play. The Bellesa best-seller features seven vibration modes and is 9 inches long.

    The wand

    27. A Gaia by Bellesa waterproof dildo that boasts seven vibrations and 6.75 inches of insertable pleasure. With a 4.3-inch girth, it might be bigger than you expect.

    The Gaia Vibrator

    28. An Ohnut set of silicone rings to customize depth and achieve your ultimate O. After all, for some people, deeper penetration is painful. These innovative rings are as comfortable for the wearer as they are for the receiver. They create a buffer between the giver and the taker, so that sex is pleasurable, not painful.

    The Ohnut Classic

    29. An Aneros Helix Syn prostate stimulator to reach new levels, upgrade oral play, or even wear around for an erotic take on everyday life. It's hands-free, so you can put it in and take in all the sensations while doing whatever you'd like with your hands.

    The Helix Syn

    30. A hands-free Eva vibrator by Dame for anyone that needs some clitoral stimulation to help ~get them there~. This toy is designed to tuck under your labia but still leave room for internal play, so you can use it solo or with a partner.

    31. A Halo by Bellesa that will make sex that much more enjoyable for you and your partner. For the wearer (unless worn in combination with a strap on), this vibrating cock ring helps prolong an erection. For the receiver, it offers vibrating sensations that are especially enjoyable on the clit.

    The cock ring

    32. The sleek clitoral suction BuzzFeed x Bellesa Pebble designed for easy, breezy single-handed use. Don't let this little gem fool you — it's equipped with five suction modes and five vibration patterns, so you can add "orgasm" to your daily to-do list.

    Model holding pink suction vibrator

    33. Last but not least, a rideable sex machine that's admittedly pricey but undeniably orgasmic. The machine features a shaft and a texture clitoral pad, along with six vibrating patterns and 360-swivel rotation with low-to-high variable speeds. In other words, you might want to sound-proof your room or add a gag to your toy arsenal along with this purchase.

    The Cowgirl

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