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    These 18 Pieces Of Furniture Are Meant For One Thing: Sex

    If your mattress isn't doing any favors for your sex life, here's a selection of furniture — from chaise lounges to BDSM benches — designed to help you get freaky.

    1. A stainless-steel bouncing sex stool that can hold up to 300 pounds. It also has a convenient handrail and sturdy base for balance, because let's be real, sometimes being on top is a lot of work.

    Woman sitting on black stool

    2. A portable, modernized bondage cross that offers leverage to your favorite BDSM scenes and kink play or makes a very contemporary accent piece when not in use.

    3. A luxury Esse chaise by Liberator that has a contoured design to support your head, neck and back through every and any position. A removable mini-scoop pillow allows you to eliminate the center dip for a flat surface.

    Woman lounging on red chaise with headrest and additional middle pillow

    4. A custom-made spanking bench with adjustable height settings for knees and hands, and extra padding for anyone who likes a side of pain with their pleasure.

    Wood stool with red faux leather cushions

    5. An adjustable bondage chair equipped with all of the positions, restraints, and functions you could ever want in a sexy piece of furniture. Bonus points: you can also snag it with a dildo attachment for some added fun.

    a model sprawled on an adjustable black bondage chair
    Nude Boutique / Etsy

    Promising review: "This is a great piece of BDSM furniture, very well constructed; solid. I'm very pleased with this purchase. The shop owner was very helpful with all my inquiries." –Greg Wellings

    Shipping: Free; typically arrives within 2–3 weeks. 

    Get it from Nude Boutique on Etsy for $889.85+ (originally $1,369+; available in two styles). 

    Nude Boutique is a small online boutique based in Maldova that specializes in unique sex toys and furniture. And if you're looking for some good sex toys to pair with your new furniture, we've got you covered with plenty of recommendations.

    6. A Liberator flip ramp that can be used as a ramp or converted into an ottoman, so you and your partner can explore and enjoy your (new?) favorite positions.

    7. A sex swing that looks right out of the Moulin Rouge with deep red hues and a minimalist, yet supportive design with faux leather padding and sturdy steel rigging. BRB, ordering this as home decor real quick!

    Woman in red sex swing
    Woman in swing from different angle
    BDSM Architecture / Etsy

    Promising review: "The swing chair is expertly crafted, sturdy and handles two people of varying weight, it's risen to the top three of our collection of adult paraphernalia. Highly recommend the Seller!!" —hereticburger

    Shipping: Free; delivery times vary depending on location.

    Get it from BDSM Architecture on Etsy for $491.46+ (available in two styles).

    BDSM Architecture is based in Lithuania and run by Sally and Edgar, a couple who sells premium handmade sex and BDSM furniture for your dungeon or discreet bondage furniture for your living room.

    If your favorite part of BDSM (or one of them) is making sure your pet looks good, here's a list of BDSM collars you'll definitely want to peruse. And for even more sex swings, look no further.

    8. A curvy, contemporary chaise lounge designed with an openwork steel frame and faux leather material, so you can stay comfortable with (or without) a partner and get off in absolute luxury.

    Two models sitting on white and black chaise lounge

    9. A luxury hand-crafted bondage sex table with a cage and adjustable restraints for those of you who enjoy a little (or a lot of) kink to satiate your sexual appetite.

    Black bondage sex table with cage

    10. A scorpion-shaped sex chair designed with a faux leather seat, eight supportive steel legs and sixteen rings lining the seat, so you can restrain your lover in various positions with your favorite cuffs, rope or silk restraints.

    Red and black chaise lounge with stirrups shaped like a scorpion

    11. The Black Label Esse II bondage chaise by Liberator that comes equipped with 12 reinforced chains hidden beneath the base, so you can pull out your favorite cuffs, ties or silk restraints and get to ~lounging~.

    12. A unique faux-leather mount for Fleshlight enthusiasts looking to unlock a different kind of hands-free pleasure.

    13. A unicorn-inspired sex machine in case you really want to splurge. This powerful toy offers a ride so good you won't want to get off, but you definitely will.

    14. A luxury love swing designed with hygienic, extra-thick padding for superior comfort. Not to mention, it's classy enough to use as a new reading nook when not in use for...other things.

    Model lounging in swing with yellow cushion
    Assortment of swings with different cushion colors
    Lonesome Dragon / Etsy

    This luxury love swing is all about feeling the rhythm with your partner, so it is designed with a sturdy stainless-steel frame and thick cushioning to make sure you're both comfortable during use. An XL frame offers limitless positions and an innovative spring gives you a weightless feather-like feeling while swinging. This is like a sexy magic carpet, but times a zillion.

    Promising review: "A great swing. We were looking for a swing that is only attached to a ceiling hook, but has just as much a comfortable entry as a sling board and where you are also good and comfortable in it. This swing is the only model we have found. In the meantime, we have already spent some erotic hours in it and have never regretted this purchase. If you take off the shackle accessories, the swing does not immediately give the impression that it is a piece of sex furniture, we also occasionally use it just to relax. We can highly recommend this beautiful piece to everyone." —Frank Schott (translated to English)

    Shipping: Fees and delivery time are calculated at checkout.

    Get it from Lonesome Dragon on Etsy for $452.12 (available in five colors and leather) or explore their website for more options.

    Lonesome Dragon is family-owned and based in Switzerland. The Love Swing is the lovechild of Yvonne and Wolfgang who — after trying dozens of swings from all over — wanted to create a sex swing that prioritized comfort *and* pleasure.

    15. A tripod suspension frame perfect for rope enthusiasts and kinksters who are "knotty" by nature and unafraid to hang around for awhile.

    Model suspended from black tripod

    16. A versatile bondage board, so you can play out your favorite BDSM fantasies wherever and whenever (that it's legal of course) before simply folding it up and out of sight until next time.

    17. A folding sex chair designed to clamp onto your favorite wand for hands-free pleasure. And when you're done, fold it up and tuck it away.

    Black folding chair with black wand vibrator
    Black folding chair with wand vibrator in center hole
    Folding chair with pink realistic dildo in center hole

    Everyday, a sex toy blows my mind. Today, it's this one. If you have a dildo, vibrator or wand, why not strap it into a chair and go for a hands-free pleasure ride? If BDSM is more your jam, tease and torment a partner with your favorite remote-controlled toy or even incorporate this chair into your next strip tease. The possibilities = endless.

    Promising reviews: "I am blown away by how perfect this is!!! Very sturdy chair, with a strong clamp to hold wand. Well worth every penny!!!" —H

    "Game changer. I’ll admit I’m the more vanilla one in the relationship, so I wasn’t sure when he brought it home where the benefit would be since I enjoy my wand perfectly lying down. But after about 10 seconds I understood. On display for him, hands behind the back or free to play. It holds it securely enough that you can gently tease or grind away as hard as you wish. Height can be adjusted perfectly to your sweet spot. Very versatile in that you can switch out toys, add restraints to the mix, or keep it soft. Folds up and tucks away nicely when you need to hide your kink from the creepy maintenance guy. Solidly built and easy to clean. Big fan." —EC

    Get it from Amazon for $269.99.

    18. A convenient door jam sex swing kit created so you and a partner can elevate your sexual trysts (literally) whenever and whenever, as long as you have access to a sturdy door.

    Model on door swing with partner

    Plus, it has a padded seat for extra comfort, sturdy hand grips, and even stirrups if you really want to try out some aerial intimacy. This swing holds up to 325 lbs.

    Promising reviews: "Bought this for my wife as she requested it. Good quality, very sturdy, some of the positions and angles are great. Only downside would be that the straps can get caught and difficult to reposition mid-session. But other than that, nothing bad to say." —Anonymous

    "We’d just about explored every position until this thing came along and turned my partner into the sexiest acrobat. 😮‍💨 The ease of setup and use is second to none and the pleasure you get out of it is phenomenal!" —Goldennights

    "This is the second swing my husband and I bought. It was much more comfortable than our previous one. I highly recommend this product. I loved that my husband could penetrate me deep and hard. It will definitely provide intoxicating pleasure that will have you screaming in pleasure. Remember to put the swing on the right side of the door...or you will definitely break it off the hinges. 🤣" —Jondeeznuts

    Get it from Lovehoney for $79.99.

    Since you're here, you might as well peruse the rest of the sex swings to figure out which one goes best with your home aesthetic.

    You getting into position on your new sexy furniture: