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    25 Lubes To Use If You Need A Little Assistance In The Bedroom

    Ain't no shame in dabbling on a little lubricant before or during sex, so here are some options that people lube — I mean love...

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    You might have clicked this ironically, like, "I don't need lube" or "My partner has no problem in that area!"


    But TBH, there are a lot of reasons someone might use lube: allergies, anal sex, sensitive skin, vaginal dryness, hormone imbalances, extra lubrication, or even to help alleviate pain related to sex.


    Real talk, the anus is not a naturally lubricating orifice, so most of the time if you want something to go inside of it, assistance will be required.

    And unfortunately, vaginal dryness is a thing, whether or not you or your partner have experienced it and there all sorts of reasons it may occur: perimenopausegenital arousal disorder, menopausepregnancy, or sexual dysfunctions related to hormonal, psychological or social issues in your life.

    It's even possible that you or your partner may even associate or experience pain with sex 😟... but your sexcapades should be pleasurable for all parties involved, and sometimes lube can be part of the solution (even if it isn't entirely).

    Thankfully, our good friend lube is here to help. Personal lubricant comes in all shapes and sizes and has a lot of benefits for you, whether in the bedroom, the shower, when you travel (or wherever else you want to have sex).


    So, let's break it down. For starters, there are three main kinds of lube: water-based, silicone-based and oil-based.

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    Water-based: The main ingredient in these lubricants is water, making it (typically) great for users with sensitive skin and easy to clean up. The goal here is to provide moisture that mimics natural lubrication and because it's water-based, this means it's compatible with condoms and silicone toys. The only downside is that these lubes tend to dry quickly or get tacky, often requiring reapplication.

    Silicone-based: These lubes have a silky feeling and are typically hypoallergenic. Silicone molecules are too big to absorb in the skin, meaning the slippery feeling lasts longer without reapplication. Also, silicone is hydrophobic, so this lube is water-friendly and great for shower play! Silicone lubes are especially great for latex condoms and anal sex since the booty is not a naturally-lubricating body part, and thus, requires a drop of assistance. Just don't use silicone lubes with silicone toys or you will, quite literally, destroy them.

    Oil-based: These lubes are easy-to-find (I'm sure you have olive or coconut oil in your kitchen) and great for massages, masturbation, and any other external play you have in mind. Oil-based lubes will breakdown latex condoms, making them prone to ripping or breaking and thus, increasing risk for STIs and/or pregnancy. It also is more likely to stain your sheets and requires more effort during cleanup.

    Of course, there are also hybrid options, flavored lubes for upping your oral, and sensation lubes that warm, tingle, etc. to add a little more pleasure to your experience. Needless to say, there are a lot of lubes and trust me, there's at least one that's perfect for you.

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    Illustrated water-based lube banner
    Brooke Greenberg / BuzzFeed

    These top-rated water-based options are great for everyday play, whether with a partner or your favorite sex toy.

    1. An 8-oz. supply of water-based lube because there is zero shame in adding a little assistance and 65,000 people (and counting) are willing to back me up on that.

    Manicured hand holding bottle of Lube Life lubricant

    Promising review: "I have eczema so my skin is super sensitive about everything that touches it, but I have great news, as it didn't burn me or leave me any damage! The feel: It feels great and is definitely runny. This could either be a bad thing or good thing for people as I know some people like it thick (this ain't it if you're looking for that). I'm using it for toys as it works great for it. I did notice that it does dry up but just by a little. So you don't have to worry about it drying up instantly after applying it as it definitely lasts through the session. This stuff can last a while as I barely pour much out of the bottle and it was enough to coat and get the job done. Would definitely recommend for anyone that likes lube that isn't super thick or needs lube for toys! Also for people who have eczema like me or sensitive skin." —Senpai Names

    Get it from Amazon for $6.99 (available in original and three flavors).

    2. A water-based lubricant specifically designed for booty play and mimicking natural lubrication with a flavorless and fragrance-free formula.

    Model holding green bottle of Lynk personal lubricant

    Promising reviews: "I've tried some other lubes and the other ones would irritate my backdoor. This on the other hand did not irritate me and lasted longer than my 30 minutes of play time with only applying it once on the toy and inside of me." —coffee

    "I have no issues with this product. The amount needed is minuscule. Certainly lasts as long as I could possible need it. Only warning, use a small amount and work up as needed. Completely eliminating friction isn't ideal, and this product can do that if applied to excess." —Bobbie J.

    Get it from Amazon for $8.24+ (available in 8-oz. and 32-oz. sizes).

    3. The iconic water-based Astroglide lubricant that's popular with users for its smooth and silky texture and effortless cleanup.

    A bottle of lubricant surrounded by accessories

    Promising reviews: "I've used other kinds of friend suggested this and it makes me regret using any other kind. I bought a second bottle the day after receiving the first so I will never run out lol. It's also been a month since I started using it and I haven't used much (and I tip the bottle frequently!) so overall it doesn't take much. It doesn't really dry or get sticky (not like anything else I've used) and if you add a little more, spit or if you got a little bit of pre-cum (haha) it works just fine! It also doesn't damage (idk what else to call it) the skin so after you clean up you skin has a normal feeling...maybe you know what I mean, maybe you don't, but overall it's great." —Nathan Miller

    "I love this product. Feels great. Doesn't leave a gross feeling after using. Lasts a good amount of time before re-application is needed. Only wish they made larger bottles!" —Jessica Sheridan

    Get it from Amazon for $5.59+ (available in two sizes and quantities).

    4. The Jelly by Unbound, which is a water-based gel lubricant that offers a safe alternative to natural lubrication and helps you play with your favorite sex toys a little more easily. Also, it is lightly-scented (and flavored!) with hints of lemon and vanilla.

    Model holding pink lubricant bottle

    Promising reviews: "Love it! Works for me and my bf. Smells like candy kinda. Washes off easy with just water. I use it for nipple play, hand jobs, sex, and for use with toys. I felt the only downside is it dries somewhat quick when it’s not internal. Although, a little goes a long way." —N.

    "Comfy and stress-free. I don't always have a WAP and it's great to have this when I wanna be macaroni in a pot, but reality is a slightly humid day in Arizona ¯\_(ツ)_/¯" —R.

    Get it from Anthropology or Unbound for $16.

    5. A flavorless and fragrance-free water-based lubricant created by a sex toy company and great for use, whether you lean more vanilla or have a healthy relationship with several silicone toys. Regardless, 17,000 reviewers are really happy with their purchase.

    Bottle of Shibari lubricant in front of flowers

    Promising reviews: "I will never buy any other lube again. My man and I use it for all our playtime activities. We both have sensitive skin and this lube is perfect and comfortable. No smell, taste, or mess and great to use with condoms. Easy to use when you are at your peak. A little goes a long way. Great for internal and external playtime. Happy stroking!!!" —LaLa's Creole Style

    "I brought this back in 2019 and I still have a lot left! A little definitely goes a long way and it’s compatible with my pH levels also. I’m going to buy a new one even though I’m not done with my first bottle because it’s more than a year old now 😅 Affordable and good quality, recommend." —Kimberly garcia

    Get it from Amazon for $7.95+.

    6. An unscented water-based lube by Sliquid designed with natural ingredients that won't disrupt vaginal pH and can be used with condoms without leaving any sticky residue.

    two bottles of the lube
    @sliquid /

    Promising reviews: "My girlfriend has many, many allergies and sensitive skin. Also she is prone to yeast infections and UTIs. But this product right here? This product gives her no problem even when used liberally. It has no strong smell and it makes our lives better. I couldn’t be happier." —byron raymond

    Get it from Amazon for $24.50.

    7. A hypoallergenic water-based lube by Lola, which means this lube is created with all-natural ingredients and free of fragrance and additives, so you can feel better about feeling yourself.

    Bottle of lubricant next to sample smeared on a plate

    Promising reviews: "I was thrilled to find the perfect lubricant in Lola as I live through menopause. I’m always afraid of trying anything that claims to be 'natural' or 'gentle,' because I’ve been burned before…literally! Thank you for this truly gentle and lasting product." —Debra G.

    "Best lubricant I’ve tried. It’s not sticky like others. It’s got a thin consistency rather than thick and slimy. The bottle is so discreet and I love the lock on the pump." —Sierra S.

    Get it from Lola or Amazon for $14.

    8. An edible, pH-balanced aloe-based lubricant designed to replenish vaginal moisture for a natural feel, so you can get back to being wet and wild.

    Bottle of Aloe Cadabra lubricant next to aloe plant

    It's compatible with latex and polyisoprene condoms, but not polyurethane condoms. 

    Promising reviews: "Ok so not to get to but I have gone through the evil change of life. This last year though it is like everything decided to not work lol and well one area in particular has lost its ummmm personality lol this helps with moisture very well. And it is very soothing at least for me." —Maureen Buckley

    "This stuff works well. What a game changer for my wife and me. It can start to dry up after some use, so what, I add a dab more and continue. It does not take much at all." —TAW

    Get it from Amazon for $10.95 (available in four flavors).

    9. An organic and aloe-based lube by Good Clean Love that's safe to use with latex condoms and your favorite toys. Also, did I mention this is a two-pack?


    Promising reviews: "I personally like the product. I’ll be buying it again because I like the natural ingredients. It dries quicker than other lubes I’ve used (i.e. #LubeLife) and is a bit sticky on skin after it dries outside the body. The scent is not strong and it is not noticeable." —Brittney

    "This is my all time favorite lube!! Seriously life-changing. Now that I'm middle aged I had been dreading having sex but this lube changed that for me. Sweet light vanilla smell, not offensive at all." —SAM.I.AM.

    Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

    10. The Alu organic lube from Dame created with aloe vera and natural plant extracts to match vaginal pH for a silky feel that's safe to use with your favorite toys.

    Bottle of lubricant with logo

    Promising review: "I have sensitive skin and have not had a problem. That said I haven't done extensive research into the ingredients, but they seem quite pure. The consistency is nice and feels great. The smell is subtle and bright. It's the happiest I've been with a lubricant so far." —Rachel B.

    Get it from Dame for $18.

    Illustrated silicone-based lube banner
    Brooke Greenberg / BuzzFeed

    Like I said earlier, silicone-based lubes are great for providing a natural-feel during penetration and makes for an excellent slippery substitute. They also tend to be water-friendly (shower sex, anyone?) and fantastic for dabbling into butt stuff. Just keep it away from your silicone sex toys!

    11. A luxury silicone lubricant enriched with vitamin E for a moisturizing formula that dissolves, leaving skin soft and smooth.


    Überlube is fragrance- and flavor-free, so it fits into your routine effortlessly. It also comes in convenient travel-sized bottles for taking on the go. One reviewer even uses it to help prevent chafing on hot days!

    Promising reviews: "I've bought this five times, and this is my second review, over a year after the first. I will still never use any other lube ever again. It is, hands down, the best I've ever tried. It's perfect for erotic massage and pretty much every sexual activity. It's never sticky, it doesn't cause irritation, it doesn't taste like anything. It's expensive, but, at this point, it's a necessary expense." —Aurora

    "I found Überlube by searching for the best lube and found it on multiple lists. I have never purchased lube outside of Astroglide and that was 10 years ago. Überlube is more expensive than your drugstore brands and you can feel the difference! Because it's silicone-based it retains some friction and uses your body's natural wetness to continue lubricating after you apply it. It isn't so wet that there's zero friction. And the bottle is so pretty that you can leave it out. I had it out on my nightstand and was telling my friend about how amazing it is. She wanted to see for herself and asked where it was — it was right in front of her and she didn't notice. Do your body a favor and upgrade your lube. You'll be so happy you did!" —Lauren

    Get it from Amazon for $18.19+ (available in 1.69-oz. and 3.38-oz.)

    12. A versatile silicone-based lubricant by Wet that reviewers say is great for all kinds of sex (read: anal!) and boasts a long-lasting waterproof formula.

    Model holding black bottle of Wet Platinum lubricant

    Promising reviews: "OK, how do you review lubes? Let’s see... This one is my favorite. It’s slippery and last longer than other products. Whether you are rubbing one out or putting it in, this lubes does well. It doesn’t not make your vagina or booty burn. That’s a plus. To clean off is not as easy. You need water and soap. That’s why it last longer than other products." —Enrike

    "My boyfriend and I love this lube. This lube can be a little messy but it works! I love it because I can slide right into my boyfriend without any issues. He loves it because he can do his thing without any issues. Depending on the day, the lube can last longer than me. I highly recommend especially if you plan to do anal. Enjoy!" —ManlyMan

    Get it from Amazon for $9.97+ (available in assorted sizes).

    13. A silicone-based lubricant that reviewers rave about for it's nonsticky formula and convenient pump mechanism (included in packaging!).


    It's condom-safe and water-friendly for anywhere and everywhere play, and apparently it's multifunctional as a massage oil or moisturizer, but we all know why we're here.

    Promising reviews: "I’m very pleased with this purchase. A friend recommended it and it’s a score. I like the way the bottle looks. Cool vibe. Kinda discreet. The lube is great. Last the full time. Feels nice. I am surprised it’s as cheap as it is." —ubettergetit

    "Quality product! Even came with its own convenient pump. I have a pool and jacuzzi and the ladies love water action! 😃" —Joe Crouch

    Get it from Amazon for $7.99+ (available in three sizes).

    14. A very popular silicone-based lube that may have possibly coined the term 'a little goes a long way.'

    Reveiwer holding bottle of Swiss Navy lubricant

    And for those who need it, there is a gallon-sized option.

    Promising reviews: "It lasts pretty well and typically a second application is not needed...unless you're making a night of it. As for's synthetic tastes like synthetic lube, but hopefully if you have any in your mouth you're focused on something else 😉 ready for a long, hot, soapy shower 🚿" —Ken Sidwell

    "This is my go-to lube. I use almost exclusively. It is smooth, long-lasting, light and silky. It has improved my sex life tenfold and I will never stop using it." —Hannah M 

    Get it from Amazon for $10+ (available in assorted sizes).

    Illustrated oil-based lube banner
    Brooke Greenberg / BuzzFeed

    Just avoid using anything oil-based with latex condoms or silicone toys as the oil will, literally, destroy them. Also, it might stain your sheets, so be careful!

    15. The OG Boy Butter created with a creamy coconut oil base that goes onto the skin clear for a lightweight, non-toxic and edible alternative to other lubricants.

    White and yellow tub of Boy Butter lubricant
    Boy Butter

    It's also safe to use with your toys!

    Promising review: "Not to overly sell this product, but I have wanted to be a bottom for years, but have never been able to. No lubes felt good. It hurt too much. And I was suffering a serious drought with my long-term partner. Boy Butter has literally saved our sex life and, thusly, our relationship. I'm not being dramatic; Boy Butter has completely changed our sex and I cannot say enough good things about this product. Price is great. Feel is amazing. Clean up is easy. Smell is pretty nonexistent. I love this product." —Joey

    Get it from Boy Butter for $15 or Wal-Mart for $14.99.

    16. An organic, coconut oil-based lubricant infused with hemp that delivers a silky smooth and hydrating feel for your skin. This lube is working undercover as a "massage oil" but its fans know what's really going on.

    Model holding white tube of Coconu lubricant
    Urban Outfitters

    Cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, edible, made of natural ingredients and safe for external and internal use, okay well, *adds massage oil to cart* #selfcare.

    Promising reviews: "I used this for the first time and I LOVE how it makes me feel in 'every' part of my body. It works wonders. I would highly recommend giving it a try for a relaxing and wonderful 'massage.' I will definitely be buying more." —mlmacin

    "This hemp-infused body oil is the best!! I love to use this as both massage oil and lube!" —Chelise

    Get it from Urban Outfitters for $35.

    17. An organic, essential oil-based lube by Astroglide created with a blend of sunflower seed, sweet almond castor, jojoba and coconut oils.

    Model holding brown bottle of lubricant

    Ylang-ylang gives a delectable scent to this lube that can also be used as a sensual massage oil.

    Promising reviews: "Best silicone-safe lube available!!!! It actually last a while while using (that's if you can last as long as me lol). I hate when lube stops being slick and turns to clumps, but this stuff works and keeps on going until you wash it off. I would assume it would be good for people with sensitive areas as well and should make your skin better as it uses natural based oils. It's also safe for your sex toys. Don't use silicone lube on silicone toys, over time the toy will melt or it will degrade to the point that the toy will harbor bacteria and mess you up." —Devlin Marshall

    "This is by far the best stuff on the market. All natural and organic oils. Its silky smooth texture and amazing smell won my girl and I over when we received a sample. It's completely multifunctional also. Any extra on my hands that doesn't go to my area or hers goes directly to her butt or hips for a sensual massage. And also there's NO messy cleanup when the fun ends. 5 out of 5. You can't go wrong with this purchase." —Christopher Bialkowski

    Get it from Amazon for $13.49+ (available in 2.5-oz. and 4-oz.).

    18. And a timeless go-to with versatile uses all over your body: organic coconut oil.

    Model holding jar of Viva Naturals organic extra-virgin coconut oil

    Promising reviews: "If you've ever had problems with an irritated labia after dry or intense sex, this really helps. It's a great moisturizer, and a good lube. I also use it on my legs after shaving." —Jenny Gibson

    "I was hesitant to try coconut oil in the bedroom because I am not a fan of the taste or smell of coconut. After reading many recommendations that this is the (second) best natural lubricant for sex I decided to give it a try. The coconut smell is not strong and the taste is not bad when you get it in your mouth. Being natural oil there is no fear of putting lubricated body parts in your mouth. I could not do that common synthetic lubricants as they taste awful. The product is a thick cream below about 80 degrees F that you need to lightly dig out with your finger tips, but it quickly melts when it comes in contact with skin. Works great as a massage oil as it does not leave an oily residue. Everyone should have this in their bedroom whether dryness is an issue or not. There is no such thing as too wet and coconut oil can make any body part suitable for intimacy. Seriously, TRY IT!" —Fat Penguin

    Get it from Amazon for $11.97.

    Illustrated novelty lubes banner
    Brooke Greenberg / BuzzFeed

    These top-rated flavored, sensation, hybrid and luxury lubricants are all about adding a little ~oomph~ to your sex life, be it for foreplay, bumping uglies or oral enthusiasts.

    19. A water-silicone hybrid lubricant that can be safely used with latex, rubber, and plastic, so no need to be afraid to pull out that battery-operated ABS plastic vibrator you bought as a teenager and have kept ever since for...nostalgia.


    Promising reviews: "I don't understand the reviews that say this gets sticky. It absolutely does not (ok, it never has for us). It will dry out but not in a gummy way. Have noticed that the closer you get to the bottom of the container, the less time it lasts. Has NO flavor or aftertaste so compatible with oral activities." —Roberto E. Arance

    "This is an amazing product. It feels very natural. I have tried many different lubricants and this one is my favorite hands down. There is no sticky residue, no smell, no itching or reaction with either my husband or I. We will continue to purchase and use this product in the future!" —Thetexascharmedlife

    Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ (available in three sizes).

    20. A warming, tropical-flavored 4-in-1 edible lubricant to make going down on your partner taste a little sweeter. There are also fruity flavors, dessert-inspired flavors and even ones that warm. I'm a little overwhelmed.,

    The glycerin-based formula of this paraben- and sugar-free lube allows it to warm with skin contact, whether by friction or gently blowing—so, it can be used as a massage oil as well! Some people love to keep it natural below the belt and some people love a touch of fragrance or flavor, whatever floats your boat.

    Note: Fun Flavors 4-in-1 is not for those with sensitive skin.

    Promising reviews: "I liked this product a lot. It warms up by touch and even warmer by blowing or breathing on it up close. It isn't too runny or too thick. It also taste pretty good considering it's lube. I'd buy this again for sure! Also doesn't stain the sheets. Easy clean up: just wipe off with wet rag or wipes and gone." —Precious Rose (on warming tropical explosion)

    "I bought this for obvious reasons, it is yummy, stimulating and I had fun using. I got a sample of the whipped cream and it was awesome, if I didn't know what is was, I would have used it on an actual cupcake." —Heidi (on warming baked gooey chocolate chip cookie)

    "Great brand it's easy to clean and great value for your money. It isn't really all that sticky like some other brands. If you do find it getting a little sticky, try a little bit of water." —Bethanne Hewitt (on water-based non-flavored)

    Get it from Amazon for $9.99 (available in assorted sizes, eight flavors and seven 4-in-1 warming flavors).

    21. A warming jelly by K-Y designed to heat things up between you and a partner (or alone) and its thick gel formula stays put when you need it.

    Pink bottle of lubricant

    Promising reviews: "OMG you have no idea what you are only need a small amount because this will enhance your sex life. I got this because I got tired of hubby not turning me in right. So this makes a quick, warm sensation so I get enjoy it and go back to bed." —Prettyredtricia

    "I've been using this product for about three years and I've never had a problem with it. It does what its supposed to! Found this on Amazon for a great price! one of these usually cost about $15 alone so I'm glad I found a two pack for the price of one basically. HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you want to spice it up in the bedroom!" —Joshua

    Get a pack of two from Amazon for $18.73 or a 5-oz. bottle from Amazon Fresh for $3.60.

    22. An edible cotton candy lubricant that adds something sweet to oral sex or foreplay. But it's also water-based and toy-friendly in case you just really love the smell and taste of cotton candy.

    Reviewer holding spray bottle of Crazy Girl cotton candy oral sex gel and lubricant

    A convenient spray pump allows you to simply spritz and get started. You ever hooked up at a carnival? Well, now you can imagine it.

    Promising reviews: "Okay this stuff is AMAZING!! Seriously the taste is 10/10 it takes just like cotton candy flavored candy 😭 my boyfriend and I both joked that we'd like to just eat it in general as a snack lol. It is a bit sticky if you leave it on without rinsing off but that's how most lubes are so it's no big deal, I would definitely recommend getting this if you haven't!!" —Cailyn Brooks

    "Water-based but it's thick and slick. No need to use a lot at once. This product is GREAT for those who like to 'add a little something' when having oral sex. Tastes good too!" —Mikey "B"

    Get it from Amazon for $8.45.

    23. A 400-mg CBD-infused plant-based lube by Foria designed to help increase blood flow and relax muscles, to help you get (and stay) in the mood.

    Brown bottle of lubricant surrounded by flowers

    This lubricant is made with premium coconut oil and organic hemp extract (contains no THC), meaning it is not waterproof or compatible with condoms or sex toys. One of my best friends raves about this lube and always brings up how it increased her sensation during sex, making it less painful and more enjoyable for her.

    Get it from Revolve for $44.

    24. A convenient travel-sized lube duo by Maude featuring their organic aloe-based water lube and hypoallergenic silicone-based lube, both of which are vegan and pH-balanced for a feel-good time.

    Two brown travel-size bottles of Shine lubricant

    Promising reviews: "I really thought people were overhyping these in the reviews, but bought them anyway. I personally have issues with sensitivity with most lubes. And for the ones that didn’t cause me irritation, I found they weren’t the most pleasant after some time or after re-application. Neither is the case for either of these. I have had no adverse reactions. And while I have found that both of these needed re-application (at least in my case), neither got goopy or sticky or weird afterwards. They both behaved as if they had been newly applied. My boyfriend and I both agree that these are the best lubes we’ve ever tried. Highly recommend. Trust the reviews. Just get them." —Jordayne

    "Easy to apply, silky smooth to the touch, and natural in the nose, this is exactly the type of bedside accessory I was looking for. ;)" —Alexandra A.

    Get it from Maude for $20.

    25. An innovative Pulse warming lube dispenser, so you can get the right amount of lube without the hassle of leakage, slippery hands or accidental stains.

    White lubricant warmer and dispenser next to two blue pods and two green pods

    This warming dispenser comes with four specially made lubricant pods that can be inserted with ease, warmed at the touch of a button and dispensed with motion-sensor technology. It includes two water-based lubricants and two silicone-based lubricants, for your pleasure (and both lubes have refillable pods you can purchase!).

    Promising reviews: "What a brilliant and much-needed innovation in women’s sexual health. Where have you been all my life? This is a luxury I will no longer live without. A new way...having conveniently dispensed warm lubes and massage oil for personal I can’t imagine it any other way. So nice and lovely. Everyone should have one bedside. You can unplug it like an iPhone and discreetly tuck it away when kids are around :-). I appreciated that I received an initial supply of each lube with the order of the warming dispenser. The personal lubricants and massages oil are scent-free and really convenient to use. If interested, I wrote separate reviews of each when I ordered more of all of them. I prefer Aloe-ahh for my lube but if hydration is more important for you, H2Oh! might be your preference; it is all so personal :) Spoil Me is a great massage oil!" —Ann S.

    "If you've ever been 'in the moment' and needed a little help with lubrication, you know how unsexy it is to stop, open a bottle, squirt (probably too much) lube into your hand and everywhere, and then try to get back in the mood again. The Pulse bridges that gap and makes it really easy to keep the vibe going without interruption. It dispenses exactly the right amount, warms it up for you so you/partner are not shocked with cold, and allows you to continue the fun. It's a nice change from the old routine, it feels amazing, and honestly I'm never going back. I ordered some of the additional pods and I'm glad I did because I'm going through this stuff at twice the normal speed now, haha. Seriously though, this stuff is a life-changer." —Billy

    Get it from Amazon for $199 (available with lubricants or massage oil).

    As with any beauty or skincare product, you (and your partner) should always double check ingredients and patch test lube on an area of the skin before use. If there's no reaction? Well...

    Republic Records

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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