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    24 Sex Toys That Reviewers Don't Think You Should Wait To Buy

    Treat yo' self, bb, you deserve it.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A butt plug training kit for booty enthusiasts interested in elevating their anal play — three gently curved plugs in graduated sizes offer a delicious option for long-term play.

    The smallest plug is 2.5 inches long and 2.75 inches thick, whereas the largest plug is 4 inches long and 4.5 inches thick. If you're new to this, make sure to invest in a premium anal lubricant (water-based or hybrid for silicone toys)!

    Promising review: "I don't really know how to put this without getting blocked lol, let's just day it does what it's supposed to do, while being precise at its designed target. You need to buy this, you need to buy this now! #lonewolfapproved" —Samuel Townsend

    Get it from Amazon for $16.99.

    2. A silky silicone 3-in-1 rabbit vibrator that delivers simultaneous stimulation with a G-spot vibrator, stimulating "bunny ears" and the graduated anal beads — the question is, how long can you last?

    Pink vibrator with anal beads, clitoral ears and g-spot shaft

    3. An adorable (and waterproof) bullet vibrator with 10 settings and a discreet design, so you can bring ~good vibes~ with you on the road.

    Blue bullet vibrator next to condom

    4. A hand-sculpted artisan dildo, just perfect for play with several design options including gentle curves, a suction cup base, and a girth to make your eyes roll back. If the only thing you miss about your ex is the of these will do perfectly.

    Entire Avant collection of dildos with water droplets
    @blushglobal / Via

    The pictured dildos and plugs are all part of Blush's Avant collection, with several representing the colors of a specific Pride flag for their uber-popular Pride collection. Each dildo is a different length and girth, so you literally can't go wrong. If you want more specifics on why these dildos are so perfect, check out my review on the Purple Rain D2 Avant dildo.

    Promising reviews: "Awesome awesome awesome! In LOVE. Great price, real silicone, no scent when you open the box. A super velvety touch too. Buy this — you won't regret it!" —AmazonFanGirl

    "I love sex toys, this one is the newest one in my collection. This brand makes the most soft and sensational sex toys that I've ever used. The feel is wonderful to the skin and if you're looking for something more on the bigger side this is the right one for you. I generally prefer dildos with a more narrow head so if you're like me you may have a hard time (pun intended) getting this one in but I took on the challenge. I just had to get very lubricated and extra turned on in order to fit this big boy, but in the end I had that feeling of fullness that I was looking for accompanied by the amazing texture from the toy and ended up coming super hard and feeling completely satisfied. Highly recommend for that lonely weekend or with some fun with your partner. :)" —Satisfied customer (on Summer Fling)

    Get them from Amazon for $55.99+ (available in assorted sizes and colors).

    5. A dual cock ring for when you really want to take things up a notch. This stretchy silicone toy goes around the D and the Bs for an extra-stimulating experience.

    6. The Majesty 2 by Vush, which is a sleek ergonomic wand boasting five vibration intensities and 10 patterns that might not literally knock your socks off, but you get what I'm saying.

    7. A curvaceous stainless-steel wand by Njoy boasting 8 inches and two bulbous ends to massage internally and externally.

    Curved stainless steel wand dildo in red box

    8. A vibrating penis sleeve designed with 10 powerful settings that offer extra stimulation to the customized grip and rhythm you'd normally use.

    9. The scintillating Satisfyer Pro 2 that has 11 intensities of no-contact clitoral stimulation, so you can ride wave after wave of pleasure.

    Model holding rose gold suction vibrator next to pink box

    10. A delectable glass plug by Icicles, that you can warm up or cool in the bath for enhanced sensation play.

    Glass beaded anal plug

    11. A palm-sized vibrator that can also l-l-l-lick you from your head to your toes, but no really, this toy has a "tongue" that has nine vibrations and nine licking motions for dual stimulation.

    Model holding red vibrator to display tongue-like detail

    12. A powerful rechargeable wand vibrator designed with a firm rounded head and flexible neck, so you can reach every nook and cranny for some much-needed "relief."

    Model holding black wand vibrator

    This wand has seven vibration modes.

    Promising reviews: "I love this toy; don’t know why it took me so long to give one a try. Brings an orgasm very strong and fast, great to use with partner with foreplay and during sex. So many great patterns and strengths to choose from, love that it’s wireless. Do yourself a favor and buy one today!" —Anonymous

    "Amazing toy, my absolute go-to both alone and with a partner. I have many other sex toys, including vibrators (even other ones from this brand) but nothing measures up to this one. I would wholeheartedly recommend everyone to buy this toy, I used it several hundred times in the past two years I’ve had it and it still works perfectly, and what is more important, it never disappoints." —K.

    Get it from Lovehoney for $79.99.

    13. A transparent masturbator boasting a tight, convex, textured interior that you can twist, stroke, and watch through its case until you're finished.

    Model sticking fingers into transparent masturbator
    Front of masturbator with realistic details
    Model holding masturbator to display front and full length

    Yes, it's waterproof, so go ahead and play with it in the shower.

    Promising reviews: "Your hand has had your back for a long time. It's been with you through break ups and dry spells. Never wavering, never faltering, despite your repeated attempts at carpal tunnel. Don't you think it's time you gave that guy a break? It's not a betrayal. It's a tag team partner. Spend the money. It won't just be your hand that's grateful." —anissa thompson

    "I bought this as a way to spice things up in the bedroom with my partner. I was skeptical at first, as this was my first stroker toy. Well I was pleasantly delighted upon first use! I would recommend for anyone!" —Harry

    Get it from Amazon for $26.89+ (available in five colors).

    Want to enjoy those good vibes in the tub? Here's a list of even more sex toys to use in the bath or shower.

    14. A transparent dildo filled with colorful confetti and designed with a realistic texture for a real-feel sensation.

    15. A stretchy silicone cock ring with a ribbed, vibrating attachment to add a little more ~oomph~ to your stroke game.

    16. A flexible vibrating butt plug that'll sync to the beat of your favorite songs, mimic your own custom patterns, or buzz along to user-created vibration modes already on the app.

    Hand reaching for black butt plugs

    Supple, body-safe silicone offers a waterproof exterior and a flared base helps the plug stay put.

    Promising reviews: "Heck yes! Buy it, buy it now! Liked this so much we ordered the bigger version and the edge. The user interface could use a lot of work but once you get it going you'll forget about it in the bliss that the vibrator is delivering. The battery life seems to be pretty good, used it for over an hour with no issues. It is reasonably quiet but you couldn't wear it in a quiet place like a restaurant." —RDouglas

    "We have had a great time with this. I bought the largest and it took a bit to get used to it. We are a couple of states away from each other and he has had a great time setting me off while I’m at work or doing things around home. The vibration is very intense at the highest setting and at the lowest just keeps you on edge. Being made of the material that it is, you have to keep it clean and let it air out, so it doesn’t smell if you get any fecal matter on it. Definitely recommend!" —JayyDee

    Get it from Amazon for $89+ (available in four sizes).

    Don't worry, we've rounded up the best anal vibrators if you wanna keep that booty buzzin'!

    17. An updated version of everyone's favorite vibrator, the Magic Wand Rechargeable offers multiple, rumbly vibrating speeds and a cordless design that's perfect for travel and unrestrained play. Not to mention, the head of this toy is designed with a soft silicone head for allover stimulation.

    Hitachi Magic Wand Rechargeable
    Hitachi Magic Wand Mini
    @vibratexinc / Via, @vibratexinc / Via

    The Magic Wand is also formerly known as the Hitachi, just to avoid confusion. It's also available in Mini (a travel-friendly, cordless version).

    Promising review: "It's absolutely amazing, The vibrations are definitely strong. Like, 'Am I going to go numb first?' strong. I can answer that NO, you will not go numb before you fully enjoy the device, and it can lead to multi-orgasmic bliss as it's able to overpower the super-sensitivity some women feel post-orgasm, and press past that to one of the most amazing experiences the human body has to offer.

    "It’s louder than your average battery-powered egg vibrator, but from some of the reviews I’d read, I expected this to sound like a revving straight twin. I wouldn't recommend using this device if you have roommates on the other side of paper-thin walls, but your neighbors aren't going to hear the vibrations. Maybe the screams of pleasure, but definitely not the Magic Wand itself.

    "The multiple pulse and speed settings allow one to adjust to and then change up the experience even if they don't know what they want. The new pulsating and rising modes are an absolutely amazing improvement to this version over the original wired version, but I wish the 'speed' modes and the pulse and revving mode were independent of each other.

    "On the question of battery life, I can't speak too much other than it lasts at least a half hour at highest setting, which is far longer than you or your partner will last, based on personal experience. ;) What are you waiting for? BUY ONE. You will not regret it." —galiosucks (on Rechargeable)

    Get it from Amazon $107.35 (currently only available in rechargeable and mini styles).

    Only want the best? Here are more top-rated sex toys for you to choose from!

    18. The sleek Arc G-spot vibrator by Dame designed with a clit-stimulating ridge and curved handle to help you reach bliss.

    Red vibrator and light blue vibrator on sheets
    Model reaching for wet red vibrator on tub

    This waterproof vibrator has a run time of 1.5 hours with five intensities and five patterns to keep you buzzing.

    Promising reviews: "Hits the spot! Title says it all. Gets the job done. Buy it." —Kelsey D.

    "What’s not to love??? AMAAZINGGG! The gift that keeps on giving! Buy it!!" —Meghan N.

    "Purchase this! This is sent from heaven! This is one of my first toys and has brought me so much pleasure! It’s shape & speeds just add everything that is needed to complete the big O! I highly recommend" —Davielle R.

    Get it from Dame or Amazon for $115 (available in ice and berry).

    19. The Pro40 clitoral stimulator that delivers contactless pleasure combos of suction and pulsation at six different intensities, so you can slowly build your way to the edge.

    Model holding black and rose gold suction vibrator

    20. A petite precision bullet designed with silky silicone and seven vibration modes for external stimulation that'll make you bloom like a flower.

    21. A wireless miniature wand vibrator with 20 vibration patterns and eight speeds to explore and a flexible neck, so you can massage properly in all the right places.

    Model holding pink vibrating wand

    22. The Puff compact suction vibrator — it's beloved by beginners and more experienced 'bators who enjoy riding the five intensities to climax over and over again. BTW, you should definitely rub-a-dub-dub your clit with this toy in the shower — trust me.

    Model holding green suction vibrator above mirror
    Model holding pink suction vibrator next to box

    It's me. I am 'bators. JK, but seriously — I love this toy. And every time I think another one has shown up to take its place, I am reminded by the compact size, easy handling, and very very discreet noise (when pressed against the body)...that this toy is my ride or die. I tell everyone I know, and now I'm telling you. Never used suction? Get the Puff. New to sex toys? Get the Puff. Just want to expand your ever-growing collection? Puff. If you need to know more about this sex toy and why I personally love it, make sure to read my review of why Unbound's Puff is my favorite sex toy.

    Promising reviews: "Listen. All I can say is…buy this immediately. I fell out of bed the first time I used it, saw god for the first time, and was convinced I broke my 🐈. 10/10! Also hella cute, charges fast, and you can take it in the shower! Perf for beginners <3" —kat

    "Damn. I’ve never written a review in my life. However, when this caused one of the best organisms I’ve ever had I knew I had to spread the word. Don’t think twice add this to your cart." —Kaitlin

    Get it from Unbound (available in quartz and mint) or Ulta for $48 (only available in mint).

    23. The popular OG 2-in-1 vibrator by Tracy's Dog boasts a clitoral stimulator with 10 air pulse modes and a G-spot vibrator with 10 patterns for deep internal stimulation. Not to mention, its made of soft, flexible silicone, so you can make sure it fits just right to stimulate all your favorite spots at once.

    Purple dual stimulating vibrator with gold accents
    Tracy's Dog

    Promising reviews: "This toy is an entire game changer. I would highly suggest. I am a very particular woman that can’t get off on anything until I used this little beauty. It has taught me how to feel good and enjoy my own company. If you are considering buying this you need to check out RIGHT NOW." —Libby Prather

    "This was the first time I ever ordered from Tracy's Dog and I'm very impressed. My order came super quick just like I did after I used my toy. I ordered the OG Sucking Vibrator and it is PHENOMENAL!!!!! This has to be the best toy I have EVER owned and I've owned quite a few. Once you get that bad boy positioned correctly, get prepared to convulse. This company makes great products at very reasonable prices, plus they have them on sale a lot of the time. I cannot recommend this place or that toy enough! You won't regret it!" —Nicole Santiago-Aouaki

    Get it from Tracy's Dog for $39.99 (originally $49.99; available in pink and purple or as the OG Pro).

    24. A sleek Lelo Enigma that delivers dual stimulation with a combination of sonic waves on your clit and rumbly G-spot vibrations, so you can experience an at-a-loss-for-words kind of finale.

    a model's hand holds up the black Enigma as silver ooze drips down their hand

    This toy has eight intensity settings and a flexible internal shaft, allowing a customized fit for customized pleasure. 

    My coworker-slash–fellow sex toy enthusiast Taylor Steele swears by this one: "Y'all. Y'all. This is the one. The sticker shock is absolutely worth it when you get it home and experience new shocks of your own. Its perfectly sculpted and super-flexible insert curves to hit my G-spot like no toy ever has. Meanwhile, its suction head is doing the lord's work; it's probably the closest to simulating oral sex I've experienced from a suction toy. If you've been hunting that rare blended orgasm, lemme just tell you that with the Enigma, it becomes far less rare. And you might wanna lay a towel down before playtime...if you know what I mean."

    Promising review: "This sultry silicone masterpiece of art and pleasure... I have no words. Literally, I can't speak for minutes after it's through with me — which is much longer than it takes to bring me from zero to cosmic, mind-erasing explosions of YES! Like seriously I have not experienced this level before and I am pretty, ahem, experienced. My only complaint is that my bedding has bite marks in it from trying not to alert the other people in my house to just how phenomenal a time I'm having all by myself. Buy it, ride it into the sunset, and don't look back." —surly_gurly

    "Wow! I never thought a toy would have the capability of making me squirt; It felt so so so good!! 100000% would recommend!! Please get your hands on it and enjoy your release!" —Lillian730

    Get it from Lelo (available in black and pink) or Amazon (currently only available in black) for $199.99.

    Some people invest in stocks, but here? We invest in ourselves.

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