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    28 Sex Toys Designed To Lick And Suck You Up, Down, And All Around

    These toys will l-l-l-lick you from your head to your toes...and then some. 😮‍💨

    1. The Tulips vibrator by Sweet Vibrations, boasting a unique, waterproof design with its two lips that'll caress your clit and make sure you feel those vibrations entirely.

    Mint green vibrator and box

    This tiny toy has 10 vibrations and five intensities for you to explore and a rechargeable battery that will probably outlast you (and if it doesn't, reviewers swear by their customer service).

    Promising reviews: "This little toy is the best! It’s incredibly effective and easy to clean. The battery lasts forever and I love how many different settings it has. No matter what mood I’m in the Tulips always works! Their customer service also rocks! They answer concerns immediately. They have a customer in me for life!" —Adrienne

    "I was a bit skeptical at first with this toy — boy was I wrong! In the time since I have owned this toy, it has become my favorite. 10 settings and multiple vibration strengths equal orgasms every time! If I could give it more than 5 stars, I would. Sadly, my Tulips died after a few months of ownership. Sweet Vibrations stands by their lifetime guarantee. When I contacted them to replace it, customer service had not one, but two replacements out to me in less than a day. Would buy again!" —missspacecase

    Get it from Amazon for $54.99 (available in two colors).

    2. The Puff compact suction vibrator — it's beloved by beginners and more experienced 'bators who enjoy riding the five intensities to climax over and over again. BTW, you should definitely rub-a-dub-dub your clit with this toy in the shower — trust me.

    Model holding green suction vibrator above mirror
    Model holding pink suction vibrator next to box

    It's me. I am 'bators. JK, but seriously — I love this toy. And every time I think another one has shown up to take its place, I am reminded by the compact size, easy handling, and very very discreet noise (when pressed against the body)...that this toy is my ride or die. I tell everyone I know, and now I'm telling you. Never used suction? Get the Puff. New to sex toys? Get the Puff. Just want to expand your ever-growing collection? Puff. If you need to know more about this sex toy and why I personally love it, make sure to read my review of why Unbound's Puff is my favorite sex toy.

    Promising reviews: "Listen. All I can say is…buy this immediately. I fell out of bed the first time I used it, saw god for the first time, and was convinced I broke my 🐈. 10/10! Also hella cute, charges fast, and you can take it in the shower! Perf for beginners <3" —kat

    "I’m new to the all of this. My friends literally raved about Puff for a year before I finally decided to get one. I did not know…I could feel like that. It is amazing. It took me some time to fully utilize the suction feature in the Puff, but the vibration itself is *chef's kiss*. I also used it once during sex with my boyfriend, and phew!!! I don’t even know if I have any words. Great for beginners!" —B.

    Get it from Unbound for $48 (available in quartz and mint).

    3. A transparent masturbator boasting a tight, convex, textured interior that you can twist, stroke, and watch through its case until you're finished.

    Model sticking fingers into transparent masturbator
    Front of masturbator with realistic details
    Model holding masturbator to display front and full length

    Yes, it's waterproof, so go ahead and play with it in the shower.

    Promising review: "I regret not buying this years ago. Cleanup can be tricky. Yes you can just shoot water thru it via a faucet, but as you know, our sauce tends to thicken when water hits it. Also, I don't know if this could handle a larger fella. I'm textbook average and it really, really took a good push to go in. But once in, great googly moogly... feels extremely real, a little tight but that's absolutely not a bad thing. The suction gets a little intense, you can unscrew the back plate to allow for air flow, but be warned if you lubed it up good, you're gonna drip out the end. I had seen some users mention warming it up, that sounds nice. Personally, mine was quite cold at the time and that didn't feel bad at all. I immediately called my friends and sent share links for them to check it out. Cannot believe I went so long without getting something like this. My only fear, is I start purchasing other toys and they'll never compare. This thing really slaps." —Levi Burns

    "This is just awesome. We noticed added stamina after a couple of sessions. Excited doesn't describe how we truly feel. Can't believe how real it feels. Team it with some oral and wow. This does get you more stamina, just after a couple of rounds, it feels too damn good to hold on." —Kalei Stour

    Get it from Amazon for $29.99 (available in four colors).

    4. A luxury clitoral stimulator equipped with Pleasure Air Technology and an autopilot function to deliver some back-arching cunnilingus without having to bother with pillow talk.

    Pink suction vibrator in bath
    Model in bathtub holding pink suction vibrator
    @womanizerglobal / Via, @womanizerglobal / Via

    This new and improved suction vibrator by Womanizer boasts 14 intensity levels, an autopilot function that makes sure things never get too predictable during use, Smart Silence technology to make sure it's only making noise when touching the body and it's waterproof. *exhale* So yeah, just click *add to cart*.

    Promising reviews: "This is my first clitoral toy and it did not disappoint! I achieved orgasm in less than five minutes and it was the best sensation. A bit pricey but definitely worth it!" —Charlotte Martin

    "I’ve used knock-off versions of Womanizer’s Pleasure Air technology, seduced by the lower price tag, but nothing compares to the real thing. And PREMIUM 2 is the best of them all. It has more intensity levels than any other toy (14!) and also has this amazing autopilot feature where the toy takes control of how powerful the vibrations are so you can just sit back and relax... brilliant!" —S Müller

    Get it from Womanizer or Amazon for $199 (available in 5 colors).

    And if you really want to splurge, here's even more sex toys over $100 to consider.

    5. A palm-sized vibrator boasting a "tongue" with nine vibrations and nine licking motions, meaning it can l-l-l-lick you from your head to your toes, but no really.

    Promising reviews: "After my first use (shoutout for arriving in the mail charged) I came like NO OTHER! I didn’t know how I was going to feel about the tongue but it reminded me of the best head I’ve received so obviously I was in love. I mean it when I say my first immediate thought was, I will no longer need a man because I have this toy. 😂 So if you wanna ditch your man, woman, person, and whoever else, this toy will keep you satisfied probably better than they can. 12/10" —TJ

    "With the price of this I didn't expect much...but WOW. I am shocked at how awesome this little gadget is; so awesome in fact I don't even get two minutes in using before it's game over for me (in a really good way). It's easy to use alone or during intercourse for extra intensity (good lordy), waterproof, soft/smooth and easy to clean, charged fast and holds the charge for a shockingly long time. It has more speed/intensity options than I need but having the option to go up is nice. Overall very very happy I stumbled across this little gem." —Kieley Sue

    Get it from Amazon for $35.98+ (available in four colors).

    6. The Empress 2 clitoral suction vibrator by Vush boasting a waterproof design and 40 potential pulsation and vibration combinations to explore.

    Model holding pink suction vibrator
    Three models each holding suction vibrator
    Suction vibrator next to labeled box

    Promising reviews: "OMG this is the most incredible vibrator I have ever owned! The sensation is like oral on steroids times a thousand! So. Much. Pleasure! Trying really hard not to get addicted! Love all the settings and variations (and I'm usually adverse to all the patterns on a standard bullet vibrator but maaaan the ones that go like a wave...Jesus!). Easy to use. Easy to clean. Made me squirt for the first time in years. Sensational! " —Chloe M.

    "I was a little skeptical if I'm honest, but after seeing so many good reviews I thought I'd give it a go as it was at a discounted price. Well, I can happily say I love it! I was amazed at how quickly I came — literally a couple minutes — and the level of pressure was really good for me on the lowest setting. I tried the slightly higher intensity level which was good too, but not any higher personally. I really like the mixture of patterns too...keeps it interesting and some are actually pretty close to the sensation of real oral." —Susanna K.

    Get it from Vush for $160.

    Vush is an Australia-based sexual wellness brand that’s all about self-love and creating IG-worthy sex toys that’ll rock your world and match your aesthetic.

    7. The Cobra Libre II by Fun Factory, designed specifically for targeting just the tip of your penis and delivering 11 vibrating patterns with its dual-motor and hands-free design.

    Model holding red penis vibrator in water
    @funfactoryusa / Via

    Promising reviews: "I discovered that for me, the toy works best held in what seems like an upside down position, as that better follows the upward curve of my erection. Whee! Full orgasm." —Joan P.s.s.a.a.a.f.a.s.

    "I love to use this for a nice long edging. You can just experiment with the various settings and vibrations to see what works for you. Also, I rotate it to different positions to change the sensation. The customer service is amazing. I had a problem with charging and they resolved my issue very quickly!" —Steve

    Get it from Fun Factory for $129.99 or Amazon for $114.97+ (available in three colors).

    8. A unique anal plug that simulates the feeling of rimming with rotating anal beads in the shaft and a vibrating tip that hits your favorite spots.

    Purple plug next to white wireless remote
    Model posing with blue petite rimming plug on butt
    Black XL rimming plug next to white wireless remote

    This 1.5-inch diameter plug has seven rotation patterns and six intensities to explore and stimulate your P-spot as you start (or continue) your journey into anal play. Also, it's splash-proof!

    Looking for something a little larger? Check out the Rimming Plug 2 and Rimming Plug XL, that have all the same features but a little more length.

    Promising reviews: "I've been selling this toy at my shop for the past 2 years and recently invested in it and I found myself asking one huge question: why oh why did I wait so long to get it? Out of all my anal toys this is my favorite by far!" —Melissa

    "I used this toy on myself and was thrilled by the strong vibrations and the rimming sensation of the stem. The larger rimming toy seemed intimidating, but this toy comes in a size that I can use casually without having to do a ton of serious warm up every time I want to use it. I wasn't sure if I would like the rimming aspect but found that it was an exciting new addition to an already great butt toy. Overall, I'm very excited about this toy and would recommend it." —Rimming Lover

    Get it from B-Vibe for $159.99 (available in three colors).

    B-Vibe is a premium collection of tech-forward anal play products founded by certified sex educator Alicia Sinclair.

    9. The scintillating Satisfyer Pro 2, boasting 11 intensities of no-contact clitoral or T-growth stimulation, so you can ride wave after wave of pleasure.

    Hand holding purple suction vibrator
    Negesti Kaudo / BuzzFeed

    There's also a more in-depth review written by an Intersex Male person, if you're interested.

    Promising reviews: "There aren't many reviews on here from trans men, so I thought I'd throw my opinion out there in case there are other guys out there looking for something to spice things up. This toy is heavenly. It works well on many different parts of the body, and I have had fun exploring different places to try it: clitoris, nipples, etc. I love the simplicity of the vibration settings. You can turn the vibration up one level at a time, making it easy to build up to a climax slowly, or you can jump up multiple levels and get things done quickly, if that's your thing. I am so glad I bought this toy, and when this one finally dies I will buy another one. I've had it for a couple months and it's held up great. 12/10 seriously recommend this product for anybody with a clitoris. You will NOT regret it." —a. b.

    "Before this toy aka bae, I was a hoe. I've taken the steps to admit it and do something about it. Today, I can proudly say bae has cured me of my hoe-ly ways. This is the equivalent of the best head you ever had from somebody and taking that person's mouth home with you. Idk about you but I related heavily when Drake said 'I just want sum head in a comfortable bed, it could all be so simple.' 😍🥰 Life Is Good." —Dominique

    Get it from Amazon for $42.95 (available in three colors).

    10. A Jack 2-in-1 stroker and packer, boasting representational hues and a ribbed cavity that provides suction to the wearer for a stimulating stroke session.

    Model holding assorted colors of Jack packer
    New York Toy Collective

    For packing, it's recommended to be worn with a strap-on / harness, so that it stays put. The stroker cavity stretches and works best for anatomies at least 0.5" in diameter because it will create suction, any smaller and the suction will not be activated.

    Promising review: "My partner and I used the Jack yesterday. They are trans masculine and three years on testosterone. We used it in two different ways. The first way, I used a nice amount of lube, opened the stroker and suctioned it and stroked. It worked best with reinforcement by hand. Most FTM strokers we come across seem as if they are designed for trans masculine folks who are more developed growth-wise physically. With that being said we improvised and the toy wound up giving amazing results for my partner. They give it a 9/10 and said that they are interested in seeing this develop in different shapes and sizes. I also suctioned it, applied pressure with fingers and performed oral sex. He said it was very pleasurable to be able to receive head and have the point of view visual that Jack creates. It helped with his dysphoria." —Summer

    Get it from New York Toy Collective for $59 (available in four fleshtone hues).

    New York Toy Collective is a Black- and queer-owned retailer that creates high-quality, gender-affirming intimacy toys and products, ranging from packers and binders to dildos and accessories.

    11. A Satisfyer One Night Stand suction vibrator that takes the idea of a "quickie" to a whole new level with clit-melting suction and a waterproof, disposable design.

    Red suction vibrator
    Bellesa Boutique

    Oh, it's cute. And it's cheap. This single-use toy has a 90-minute run time, and it'll get you off exactly like that, but who's mad about it?

    Promising review: "I am not deprived in the oral department by any means but I can sometimes take a while to get there. We’ve always wanted to try one of these toys and you can’t beat the price point here. I wasn’t sure what to expect and I wasn’t expecting much. But OMG! This little thing set me off in less than 10 seconds. The 90-minute battery life will last forever at that rate. It’s going to be a lifesaver for my husband on those days I can’t seem to relax enough for him to get the job done." —Mama J.

    Get it from Amazon for $9.95.

    12. A Suki air pressure stimulator because it features 10 pulsation modes and six intensities to experience them. It's designed with a unique finger grip for effortless handling!

    Aqua suction vibrator displaying opening
    Display of finger grip and logo
    Spectrum Boutique

    Promising review: "I bought this toy because I previously bought a couple of other toys from the VeDO brand and let me just say... this is the BEST OUT THERE! I was sorta skeptical at first but this thing had me squirting in SECONDS. Turned that thing up all the way and had orgasmed in just minutes. The comfy finger hold, the soft silicone, the user friendly features, the fact that it's waterproof — I love everything about this toy and I 100% recommend to anyone looking for a powerful fun toy! It's my new favorite for sure!!" —Amber

    Get it from Spectrum Boutique for $55.99 (available in three colors).

    13. A dual stimulation rose vibrator, affectionately referred to as the "Soul Snatcher" by TikTok. The egg lets you get a little internal action, while its nine-speed tongue petal can stimulate your clit, nipples, and soul (apparently).

    Reviewer holding red rose dual-stimulating vibrator in bathtub
    Red rose vibrator with bulb on one end

    Promising review: "Omg. Don’t have anyone to 👅 you?? NOT A PROBLEM ANYMORE. Wow, these toys are getting so advanced it’s amazing. Feels sooo similar to a real tongue. And has a vibrator on the other end so it’s even better. 😂 This made me climax in a way I never have before. 10/10 recommend." —Mel

    Get it from Amazon for $39.99.

    14. The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage, a smaller cousin to the infamous Fleshlight. It boasts an open-ended and compact design that offers versatility for use during partnered or solo play.

    Transparent open-ended stroker
    Woman sucking popsicle through stroker

    It's also waterproof and includes a travel-friendly case for when you want to take it on the go! FYI, Some reviewers say that it doesn't work well for anyone with above average girth, so make sure to take into account the measurements!

    Promising reviews: "I have several toys of this type, but this one is definitely the very best. Might make your eyes pop out of your head while you use it!!! Mm, mmm good! Unbelievably great feeling due to the various textures inside, and you’ll pop a big juicy good one every time. It really makes a great sound as you stroke up and down… Sounds kinda like the real thing and it’s a huge turn on." —n3ptune

    "Listen... my chest hair stood up, as well as all of the hair on my body when the time came to orgasm. This was with the first time I used it. It was with a partner. She performed oral and used the Quickshot simultaneously like intended. I don’t think I she has ever seen my body spasm the way she made me bust. Definitely recommend this toy. It’s the perfect texture, its nice and tight, and it’s easy to clean/store. Also, it’s great for solo acts too. I might enjoy it more than the regular Fleshlight." —Erik

    Get it from Amazon for $34.95.

    If you're on the hunt for more penis-friendly sex toys, don't worry, we've got you covered!

    15. A