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    19 Of The Best Travel-Friendly Sex Toys

    Products for all budgets that'll keep the ~good vibes~ coming no matter where you're headed.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. The waterproof and rechargeable Diskreet Air doesn't even look like like the clit stimulator it is, especially packed in its cute clamshell case. But with five powerful suction intensities, your orgasms will tell you a different story ;)

    the diskreet air in its case on a makeup tray

    Promising review: "Wow. Just, wow. I am speechless. This toy is about to take over the world. It's charging in its case right now after working for four full hours. And it legit looks like a makeup palette!" —Matilduh

    Get it from Bellesa for $49.

    2. A teeny lil' finger vibe ready for you to book that tropical vacation so it can come along, thank you.

    the fingerific finger clitoral stimulator

    Promising review: "Awesome? Yes. Would recommend to a friend? Yes." —chloe

    Get it from Bellesa for $49.

    3. A quiet but mighty vibrating cock ring that's a best-seller for a reason — plus it's waterproof, so it's great for solo or couple's play rain or shine.

    the IMO Full Silicone Vibrating Cock Ring

    Promising review: "The packaging was discreet. I pulled the ring out and showed it to my husband joking around about how it looked small. It stretches... and he needs it to because he is on the gigantic side below deck. So I had never used a cock ring shaped like this. I have a few with a horizontal bullet; this is my first time using a vertical one. I don't see myself ever going back to horizontal. This bullet hit the perfect spot every time. I did not need to move or readjust and neither did he. Who likes having to stop in the middle of things? My husband is good at what he does, I had no complaints. This toy, however, upped the yowzer factor by a megaton. We were both left shaky and blissful. The strength is amazing for such a small little toy." —Cassie Lewis

    Get it from Amazon for $25.96.

    4. A luxe-as-hell bullet-style vibe with a wireless remote to add a quick journey to O-town to your itinerary.


    Promising review: "Perfect for solo play, or crank up the intensity and eroticism and use it as a couple — this toy can do it all. It's discreet, powerful, but oh-so quiet, and it looks beautiful, too." —Laura

    Get it from Lelo for $159 (available in deep rose, cerise, and black).

    5. A realistic mini G-spot vibrator with seven settings that are anything but mini in intensity.

    the Lovehoney Silicone 7 Function Mini Girthy Realistic Dildo Vibrator in a model's hand

    Promising review: "I am super happy with it. The material is touchably soft silicone. The length is very realistic, and the width is nice and filling without being uncomfortable. I appreciate the added ridging because you really can feel the difference. The tons of different vibrating modes make it very fun to experiment with." —Rocky

    Get it from Lovehoney for $29.99.

    6. A super-elegant vibrator necklace (!) for anyone who knows how important it is to have an emergency vibe on them at all times and look chic AF.

    close up of the Long Gold Plated vibrator necklace hanging from a model's neck

    Promising review: "It is quite lovely to look at and will be an attractive pendant if you wear it. It has five speeds with a strong vibration from the very first level. The motor is relatively quiet and easily charged using the included electronic charging cord. The entire pendant vibrates quite nicely, and you can lay it against you for a very satisfying massage or use just the tip for a more targeted massage." —Vykke

    Get it from Amazon for $36.88.

    7. A portable bullet vibe with a slim, lightweight controller to lead you to eggstacy in no time at all.

    the Vibrating Silver Bullet 2.0
    Adam & Eve

    Promising review: "I had the 1.0, I guess you would call it, for five years. It was time to replace it. I saw the 2.0 and decided to buy it. Same great product. I like that the battery compartment is slimmer and the bullet more powerful. I continue to go with Adam & Eve products. They are the best in the industry." —DocM

    Get it from Adam & Eve for $14.95.

    8. A mini wand that offers anything but mini orgasms! It fits in the palm of your hand and even has a bracelet if you feel so bold as to wear this charmer.

    the bodywand luxe mini wand vibrator

    Promising review: "I don’t think you could get a more perfect wand. It's great for solo and partner play. And it even travels well! Don’t let the size fool you—excellent power and good battery life." —B

    Get it from Bellesa for $89 (available in two colors).

    9. The Alia, a toy so damn pretty and contoured it'll turn any bed into five-star accommodations — and so sleek you won't even have to worry about accidentally forgetting to put it away when room service comes by!

    the alia

    Promising review: "Alia has been my best friend for more than an incredible year and it is not going anywhere. The point is great for getting to that one side that is more sensitive area and the flat edge is perfect for my entire vulva. Would recommend to anyone! And is fun in the shower too ;)" —Kelly

    Get it from Lelo for $139 (available in deep rose, pink, and black).

    10. A pair of underwear with an area to hold a remote-controlled vibrator that you might find yourself wearing more often than your swimsuit on your next vacay.

    the ohmibod club vibe and a mannequin wearing lace panties

    It's got five settings, and vibrations range to up to 20 feet away; plus it even syncs to music?!

    Promising review:
    "This was absolutely worth how much money it is. It’s incredible. Even my fiancé loves it, maybe even more than I do. It’s easy to use, comfortable, and even the underwear fit me (a little bit snug but I expected that.) I’m like a size 10-13 dress and I usually wear size 7 underwear so there’s a comparison — even if the underwear don’t fit you can just slip it in any other underwear, too. The club mode is really cool. I didn’t really expect it to work but it really does. We haven’t really used it other than just seeing if it worked, but it would be fun. Especially in a movie theater. It is loud, but not any more than a vibrating phone. In most places you don’t have to worry. Nobody would know what it was anyway." —Anonymous

    Get it from Adam & Eve for $89.95.

    11. A bullet vibrator so sleek and compact you'll want to take it along on all your weekend getaways (and tbh, you definitely should).


    Promising review: "I have a ridiculously extensive collection of sex toys, from cheaper right the way through to fancy expensive ones. None of them match up to this simple bullet. It's the one I always return to, and the one that I am guaranteed to orgasm with. It's powerful and the vibrations are concentrated in the right spot. I never have a night away from home without taking it with me, and it's a rare day where it doesn't get at least one use." —LaVolonte

    Get it from LoveHoney for $16.99 (available in black, pink, and silver).

    12. A vibrating butt plug so your booty can get in on the fun no matter where your travels take you.

    the vibrating anal plug

    Promising review: "I had only used teardrop shaped butt plugs before, but this toy here was it for me! I had never had an orgasm so intense before using it, and I was blown away after. I was so tired after, I passed out sweaty in bed" —Lily

    Get it from Bellesa for $19.

    13. A discreet lil' vibe as powerful as it is affordable.

    the purple Lovehoney Dream Bullet 10 Function Bullet Vibrator in the palm of a model's hand

    Promising review: "It's discreet, but it has a surprising amount of power behind it. It's really soft and pretty and feels great. There are several settings include constant, pulsing, and waves. The tip of the bullet means you can be so precise with where the vibrator touches you and that gives great control." —Faithblackshaw

    Get it from LoveHoney for $14.99 (available in two colors).

    14. A set of Luna Beads designed to gently vibrate in response to your body's movements and help you achieve stronger orgasms.

    the lelo beads

    Promising review: "Worked for me from the first time. First time I inserted my Luna Beads it took me around five minutes to feel the reeeal movement (whilst my body adjusted to the beads). Lelo Personal Moisturizer is quite handy to use with beads. I am a toddler's mom who had vaginal childbirth and basically the main reason for my purchase was doing Kegels, but the extra tingling sensation when wearing my beads is a huge plus! Makes me feel sexy and confident! My products came beautifully packed, very sophisticated. Owning a LELO product should be like wearing a badge of honor." —M

    Get it from Lelo for $59 (available in two sizes).

    15. A rechargeable clit vibe voted the "world's best vibrator" — guess you'll just have to test it out yourself to see!


    Promising review: "I travel a lot and nothing gets me through a long trip like an orgasm. Rechargeable is key! I love the discreet black case that it's easily stored in as it's plugged in. This small, silky vibrator fits great in my hand as well as just tucked into panties for private solo time in areas not so private. It doesn't lose its vibration power! It will just shut off (once I wasn't paying attention to low-light flash and was gravely disappointed) but honestly, I'd rather just stop than dwindle down to lesser power. I adore this little vibrator. Never leave home without it." —HelgaGP

    Get it from LoveHoney for $79.99.

    16. A compact lil' pinwheel you can easily tote along in your carry-on for extra surprises with your partner when you arrive at your destination.

    a hand holding the Master Series Beginner's Mini Sensation Pinwheel

    Promising review: "We bought this as part of our first venture into the sensory pleasure-pain arena. The thing that mainly surprised us was the size. It's about as long as a middle finger and the wheel is about the size of a 2-pence piece. However, it does what it delivers. The pins are not very sharp, which means that the sensations can range from a tickle when rolled over with no pressure to a sensation which I'm told is similar to a tattoo when pushed a little harder. This is certainly a valued addition to the top-drawer collection." —andytaylor98

    Get it from LoveHoney for $9.99.

    17. A waterproof vibe that'll ensure a margarita isn't the only accessory you'll be bringing poolside.

    Adam & Eve

    Promising review: "Small, quiet, waterproof, fun, curved to fit between us. We've used it upwards of 20-25 minutes, never slows down. Magnetic charger sometimes needs a little repositioning. Very satisfied with this product!" —Anonymous

    Get it from Adam & Eve for $99.

    18. A wireless toy you and your partner are definitely not going to want to forget to pack on your next trip — even if that trip is just across the street.

    the tiani 2

    Promising review: "My husband bought me this as a gift and it is the best toy I have ever found. It hits everything just right. You can use it alone, together, or let your partner tease you in public. It generally stays in place walking around with well-fitting undergarments. We used it at neighbor's party and I could not finish a conversation all night. It is almost silent but plenty powerful and can go for an hour and a half. I agree it would help if the vibrating portion was a bit smaller and the curved tongue was a bit stiffer and tighter for more hold and a little more pressure, but other than that, don't change a thing. Wow!" —Texastoast

    Get it from Lelo for $149 (available in deep rose, cerise, and black).

    19. And, of course, some TSA-compliant organic lube that'll make all your silicone toys very happy. With no artificial scents or colors, this pH-friendly lube will slick you down without screwing you up.

    the 2 ounce after dark water based lubricant

    Promising review: "Definitely a new must-have. It’s super smooth and slick with out being sticky or absorbing into the skin too quickly." —Shannon

    Get it from Bellesa for $10.

    Some reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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