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Do Better 2019

Do Better 2019

18 Very Useful Tips For Making Your New Year's Resolutions Actually Happen

If you have a big goal in mind, break it down into smaller tasks!

15 Tips From Marie Kondo That Have Genuinely Changed My Life

Here's the most inspiring and practical advice that I took away from the KonMari book nearly four years ago, and that I still use.

15 Tips For Anyone Who Loves Traveling And Being Green

Travel ~green~ with these tips for reducing paper, plastic, food, and energy waste.

28 Charts That Will Help You Start Eating Healthier Immediately

Here's everything you need to know, from healthy food swaps to building a better salad.

11 Helpful Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Eat Less Dairy

It's time to welcome nutritional yeast, nut milks, and avocado ice cream into your life.

21 Tiny But Life-Changing Things To Try In 2019

These tips just might make your life a lil' simpler.

PSA: It's The Perfect Time Of Year To Schedule All Your Doctor's Appointments

It's a gift that Future You will thank you for, believe me.

10 Important Boundaries Everyone Should Set In 2019

Having boundaries is important...but how do you actually do it?

21 Life-Changing Beauty Products You Should Try In 2019

Here's a mix of beauty products, some new and some old, that are def worth your time and attention in 2019. Happy New Year and Merry Glo Up!

This Meal Planning App Low-Key Changed My Life

Perfect for people trying to eat healthy, picky eaters, people with food restrictions or allergies, and pretty much anyone who wants to make their life easier.

19 Things That Can Be Composted, And 8 That Absolutely Can't

Are these items making it into your compost bin?

Just 15 Great Books That'll Genuinely Change Your Life For The Better

The self-help-ish books we've read and recommended time and time again.

10 Mood-Lifting Habits You Can Start Now

Combine a few for maximum effect.

3 Things To Know If You Want To Keep Your Plants Alive

These tips on water, light, and soil will help you care for almost any houseplant.

38 Things To Buy In 2019 That'll Save You Money In The Long Run

Some practical investments you'll be thankful you bought a few months down the road.

14 Little Ways To Be A Better Friend In 2019

Taking personality tests together is the new friendship bracelets.

35 Things That’ll Help You Start 2019 On A High Note

🎶I feel it in my fingers, I feel it in my toes... 2019 is going to be an awesome year🎶

30 Things That'll Help You Get So Much More Done In 2019

Procrastination? I don't know her. (Okay, she used to be a friend of a friend. 🙄)

15 Genius Tips For Anyone Trying To Save Money In 2019

These money-saving hacks are so easy to try, you'll wonder, "Why didn't I do these sooner?"

16 Things That Actually Helped People Stop Picking And Biting Their Nails

It's really hard to kick a nail biting or nail picking habit, but things like acrylic nails and fidget toys can help.

16 Tips That'll Help You Finally Be On Time For Everything

Consider building 20 minutes worth of laying on your bed in a towel post-shower into your schedule.

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19 Little Ways To Be A Better Long-Distance Friend In 2019

Voice memos, Venmo, and an app that let's you watch a movie together while you video chat.

34 Clever Products For A More Efficient 2019

More time for important things like spending time with your fam or howling with laughter at dog videos.

12 Practical Tips For Anyone Who Wants To Give Up Meat In 2019

Whether you're considering going pescatarian, vegetarian, vegan, or just want to cut down on meat, we have the advice you're looking for.

8 Ways To Get Outdoors More In 2019

Go outside, even if it's for five minutes at a time.

34 Things That'll Help Lazy People Be Way Cleaner In 2019

Easier ways to get rid of trash and dirt in your life (in the traditional sense).

21 Ways To Understand Yourself A Tiny Bit More

If you can't understand the world, try starting with yourself.

Giving Myself A Dress Code Changed My Dang Life

Arbitrary wardrobe rules can be oppressive and terrible...unless you’re the one setting them.

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