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16 Tips That'll Help You Finally Be On Time For Everything

Consider building 20 minutes worth of laying on your bed in a towel post-shower into your schedule.

If you're looking at the year ahead and thinking, "Hmm, what personal goals can I set for myself?" I have a suggestion for you: try being on time for everything.

If you're already a punctual person, then great! But a lot of people aren't, and a lot of those people are wondering how TF other people make it places on time, let alone early. As a type-A person who shudders at the concept of showing up even 30 seconds late, I have some little tips that could turn you into an on-time person before you know it:

1. Be OK with the idea that you'll spend time waiting.

2. And just in case, look up places in the area you'll be where you go to kill some time.

3. Always have a clock in view while you're getting ready.

4. Or set your clock a few minutes ahead to really light a fire under your ass.

5. Figure out what it is that makes you late.

6. Clock exactly how long it takes to do things that are part of your usual getting-ready schedule.

7. And, y'know, it's OK if you want/need time to loll around — you just have to schedule it in or get up earlier.

8. Also, add on 15 extra minutes to your commute time as a buffer, just in case.

9. Once you've calculated the time it takes you to get places or get ready, round that number up to the nearest 10.

10. Use Google Maps or whatever navigation app you prefer, even if you know exactly how to get where you're going.

11. Count backwards from the time you want to be where you're going.

12. Lay out everything you'll need out in advance.

13. Set a shit ton of alarms.

14. Get off your phone.

15. Make it a priority.

16. And above all else, just plan to be early.

As we head into the new year, we're talking about all the ways to make your life and the world around you a little bit better. Read more Do Better 2019 content here.