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18 Struggles Of Being The Only Punctual Person In Your Friend Group

"Oh, you're running late?" AGAIN.

1. The confusion of arriving at the appointed time and not seeing anybody else around.

Warner Bros. Pictures / Via

2. So you have to awkwardly fiddle around with your phone until they get there.

Paramount Pictures / Via

3. Or you wander in circles on the street, pretending you have somewhere important to go.

You've perfected the fake-confident stride.

4. But after a while, your legs get tired and you just settle on some random corner to sit down on.

Flickr: bondidwhat / Creative Commons

5. You need to try to be sly about checking your watch so people don't think you're being stood up or something.

6. During winter, you have to stand outside in the cold just waiting for them to show up.

7. You can't order your food until the entire party is there, even though you're really hungry.

FilmDistrict / Via

8. Then when you call to ask where they are and they claim to have "slept too late."


9. Or when they say they're "on their way," only to show up 30 minutes later.

10. You inevitably arrive at parties before your friends and have to mingle with people you don't know very well.

Nickelodeon / Via

Way to provoke my social anxiety, non-punctual friends.

11. You're pretty sure this is how their clock works.[term]=animated%20explosion%20gif&filters[primary]=images&filters[secondary]=videos&sort=1&o=22

What other excuse could there be?

12. You have to tell people to show up at least half an hour before they actually need to get somewhere.

Brian Snyder / Reuters

13. And if you prod them into speeding up, they get defensive.

14. No matter how important an event, they can never seem to get it together.

15. Sometimes it feels like they're being late on purpose, just to mess with you.

16. And you have to deal with their ridiculous excuses.

17. And their claims that they weren't really late after all.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via

18. Truthfully, you wish you could just make some adjustments to their clock and be done with their tardiness.

Because at this rate, you'll probably be gone by the time they actually show up.

New Line Cinema / Via

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