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28 Charts That Will Help You Start Eating Healthier Immediately

Here's everything you need to know, from healthy food swaps to building a better salad.

Recently, I've become low-key obsessed with some diet and health-related Instagram accounts, like @thefitnesschef_, @collegenutritionist, and @MaxLugavere.

Here are some of the charts that I've personally bookmarked and saved that serve as great references for better eating habits.

1. Swap out your bored-at-work snacks for healthier options.

2. Brush up on how long meat keeps in the fridge.

3. Easily monitor the calories in any fruit.

4. Swap out your foods for lower-calorie versions.

5. Eat pizza for every meal.

6. And make the easiest healthy cookie dough.

7. Get creative with your chicken and make your meal prep dreams come true.

8. Get more vitamin C into your diet.

9. Easily see what kind of protein the various meats have to offer.

10. Here are just some really great tips on how to stay healthy on a budget.

11. Add some surprising ingredients to your everyday smoothie.

12. Opt for lower calorie alcohol drinks.

13. Learn what the low sugar fruits are if you're embarking on a low carb diet.

14. Here are some easy ways to get protein as a vegetarian.

16. And also ways to get calcium as a vegetarian or vegan.

17. Build a better salad.

18. Swap that wild and crazy donut for a simple glazed one.

19. Be more conscious of your fast food intake.

20. Support your gut health for better digestion.

21. Watch out for the hidden calories in condiments.

22. Consider the calorie counts of different meat sources.

23. Choose the best way to potato...

24. The best way to bread...

25. And the best way to chicken, too.

26. Choose foods that are more likely to stave off hunger.

27. Definitely drink more water.

28. And finally, make some positive choices that don't just involve your diet.