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17 Charts To Help You Eat Healthy

Everything you need to know from cutting out sugar to building a salad that doesn't suck.

1. For building a balanced meal.

2. For cooking your eggs ~just right~.

3. For satisfying and delicious salads that won't leave you hungry.

4. For easier meal planning (aka easier weeks).

5. For healthy homemade lunches.

6. For keeping your fruits and veggies fresh as long as possible.

7. For turning chicken breasts into something truly tasty.

8. For an endless variety of satisfying soups.

9. For homemade stocks and broths.

10. For cutting sugar out of your drinks.

11. For cooking all your whole grains.

12. For trying new, healthier cooking oils.

13. For healthier desserts.

14. For DIY bottled salad dressing.

15. For three-ingredient healthy meals that are easy AF.

16. For making the transition to a Paleo diet.

17. For keeping an eye on sodium.

Don't forget that changing to a healthier lifestyle takes time!