36 Ways To DIY Every Part Of Your Life

Now that we have this awesome new site to hang out on, you’ll never have to go without DIY ever again.

1. Turn your old stuff into new stuff.

Find out how here.

2. Learn how to make your life easier.

At least, according to a legion of pinners. Check out the post here.

3. And how to get out the door more quickly.

Article here.

4. DIY your way from birth…

Check out the post here.

5. Through each step of your kid’s life.

Article here.


8. Don’t forget to thank your own mom for doing the same for you.

Post here.

9. Save your hard-earned cash.

Post here.

10. (Without sacrificing style.)

Post here.


12. Protect your fancy electronics.

Ideas here.

13. Turn your house, apartment, dorm room or yurt into a home.

Post here.


16. Or just ogle someone else’s home.

The most SFW porn you’ll ever see.

17. Celebrate nature!

Ideas here.


19. Celebrate your furry friends.

Also: birds.

20. Throw the best wedding OF ALL TIME.

Post here.


We really like that font, okay?.


Like it’s a really pleasing font.

25. Give a handmade gift.

Ideas here.

26. Or just wrap something all fancy and pretend it’s handmade.

Same diff.

27. Make any table wicked festive.

Post here.

28. Decorate to your holiday-loving heart’s content.

Post here.


30. Hastily assemble an Easter party in a matter of minutes.

Even with the bare minimum of stuff.

31. Make egg hunts so much more exciting this year.

What child (or adult, for that matter) wouldn’t want to find a gold polka-dotted egg?

32. Turn unlikely objects into pretty, useful things.

Post here.


Okay, so the usefulness is debatable here.


35. Stick to your resolutions.

Post here.

36. And remember: Even the most laissez-faire DIYers can still learn a thing or two.

Post here.

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