20 Cute And Quirky Wedding Bouquet Ideas

Enough with the baby’s breath. Your bouquet deserves baseballs, buttons, and butterflies.

2. Giant Paper Flower

Who needs a whole bouquet when one enormous flower will do the trick on its own? Find out how to make them yourself at Design Sponge.

ID: 952529

3. Butterfly Bouquet

Directions from Martha Stewart.

ID: 957120

4. Scrabble Tile Bouquet

ID: 957379

5. Edible Bouquet

Yes, that is an artichoke.

ID: 956792

6. Paper Ranunculus Bouquet

Available here.

ID: 952676

7. Brooch Bouquet

Find inexpensive pieces at a vintage store and/or use jewelry that has special meaning for you. Learn how to make your own.

ID: 952812

8. Botanical Bouquet

By Bel Fiore Designs.

ID: 957393

9. Insanely Colorful Bouquet

By Just Fresh Concepts.

ID: 952848

10. Button Bouquet

Available here. And Offbeat Bride offers a tutorial on how to make your own.

ID: 952932

11. Map Flower Bouquet

Available here.

ID: 952936

12. Protea Bouquet

Protea is a weird, strange, wonderful flower that looks like it might eat you if you get too close. You should probably include it in all future bouquets. By Okasie.

ID: 956742

13. Air Plant Bouquet

And air plants look a little bit like sea monsters and that’s why they’re the best. By JL Designs.

ID: 956924

14. Feather Bouquet

ID: 956763

15. Seashell Bouquet

Probably only good for a mermaid wedding, but maybe you are in fact having a mermaid wedding. Buy one here.

ID: 957468

16. Farmer’s Market Bouquet

Whether you’re staying close to home or traveling, this is a great way to integrate some of the local landscape into your wedding. Green Wedding Shoes has some tips.

ID: 956901

17. Pom Pom Bouquet

Make it yourself with instructions from Ruffled.

ID: 957263

18. Craspedia and Succulent Bouquet

As a mustard evangelist, this is my all-time favorite color combo. By Pink Shirts And Car Wrecks.

ID: 957048

19. Pokéball Bouquet

Turns out catching ‘em all wasn’t necessary; just the one is enough. Available here.

ID: 957275

20. Knitted Bouquet

There are tons of patterns for knitted and crocheted flowers on Ravelry. Make them yourself, or ask craft-minded members of the wedding party to kick in a bloom or two and make it a communal project.

ID: 957173

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