29 Morning Shortcuts That Will Save You Time

Being chronically late is not the mark of a Highly Effective Person. Get to work on time by multi-tasking and streamlining your getting-ready routine.

1. Instead of ironing, try a wrinkle releaser.

Get a DIY recipe here.

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2. For more intense wrinkles, compact steamers work faster than traditional ironing.

You can get one for $26.

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3. Keep double-sided tape and safety pins handy in your bathroom.

Once you realize you have a fashion emergency (missing button, torn hem), you can fix it immediately as opposed to digging around a junk drawer for a fix.

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4. Check the weather forecast at the beginning of the week.

Even if it’s not totally accurate, it can give you an idea of what sort of outfits to plan ahead and whether you need to remember an umbrella.

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5. If you have the space, keep a separate clothing rack in your bedroom.

Instead of planning out your outfit the night before, spend 30 minutes or so on Sunday night picking out items you want to wear for the whole week. Keep the pieces on a separate rack so you can practically sleep walk through getting dressed in the morning.

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6. You can also label hangers with days of the week to organize your pre-planned outfits.

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7. If you’re not the organized type, keep the outfit you plan to wear next to your bed and get dressed under the sheets.

This may sound crazy, but it makes the process of getting dressed less painful, especially on cold winter mornings. Also, no one wants to stay in bed while wearing control-top pantyhose. You’ll be more motivated to get out of bed and go.

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8. Make your own oatmeal packets.

Pre-sort single servings of quick oats and dried fruit into Zip-loc bags. When it’s breakfast time, just dump into a bowl, add milk, and microwave for 45-60 seconds (or bring one with you to work). You’ll save time and money (especially if you buy in bulk).

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9. If you’re making breakfast for the family, make it overnight in the slow cooker.

Your oatmeal will actually taste better.

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10. Put together a peppy morning playlist and use it as a timer.

Snooze during the first song, get dressed during the second song, make breakfast during the third song. This unconventional timer method will keep you on track so you know you’re not falling behind.

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11. Drink a large glass of water the second you wake up.

It’ll boost your energy output and help to wake up your body.

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12. Go to sleep in your workout clothes.

If you plan to exercise in the morning, this cuts down on one less step. As a sidenote, sweatpants make pretty good PJ’s.

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13. Dry and style your hair at the same time.

The Conair Infiniti styling brush blows hot air while also acting as a curling iron.

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14. Brush your teeth in the shower.

Also, get a shower timer.

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15. Prepare your coffeemaker the night before. Schedule it to start brewing ten minutes before your alarm goes off.

Alternatively, leave the coffee and filter out and you’ll have hot water ready for a quick bowl of instant oat meal.

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16. Place your keys on top of anything you don’t want to forget.

You don’t want to run back home because you forgot to bring something important with you, like the delicious lunch you packed the night before.

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17. Grilled cheese in a toaster makes for a speedy breakfast.

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18. Make a butter pen for toast.

This is actually some kind of crazy Japanese invention, but Lifehacker has a little tutorial to show you how to make one.

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19. Make a batch of breakfast burritos in advance.

Freeze them. Take one with you to work and warm it up in the office microwave.

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20. The night before, put all your smoothie ingredients into the blender and store in the fridge.

It’ll be ready to go in the morning for a super fast and easy breakfast.

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21. Make school lunches before the week starts.

Make a bunch of sandwiches at once and place them in stackable bins in the freezer. Pack one in the morning and it’ll thaw out by lunchtime.

Remember to place condiments between meat and cheese to avoid soggy bread.

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Keep special bins in the fridge for easy grab n’ go snacks.

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22. Eat leftovers for breakfast.

Sure, it breaks all the logical rules of breakfast, but food is food.

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23. Simplify your makeup and use products that multi-task.

Use a red stain that serves as a lipstick and blush. Use a BB cream that serves as a tinted moisturizer and SPF. Use an eyeshadow stick that you can just swipe on and go.

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24. Make an eyeliner template with a post-it note.

If you absolutely have to wear eyeliner every morning, a cut-out template for winged or cat-eye liner is much more foolproof than freestyling it.

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25. Use cleansing wipes to wash your face.

Chances are, you already thoroughly cleansed your skin the night before, so a quick wipe is all you need.

It also turns out there’s a wipe for everything: sunscreen, hair flyaways, and self-tanner.

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26. Use sprays instead of lotions.

Dampen your face with a hydrating mist. While it’s drying, your hands are free to do something else, like brushing your hair.

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27. Consider a bath instead of a shower.

The beauty of a bath is that you don’t have to get your face and hair wet if you don’t want to, and it can be relaxing and just as efficient as a shower. While the water’s running, fix breakfast and/or coffee. While you’re in the tub, you can shave, wash your face, and start on your skincare and beauty routine.

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28. Listen to your tweets, don’t read them.

An app called The Social Radio will read you your tweets over favorite music so you can stay abreast of what’s going on in the world.

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29. Calculate your appropriate bedtime.

Go to and find your ideal bedtime. This will keep you from waking up in the midst of a sleep cycle so you’ll be less likely to push the snooze button.

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