24 Cool And Inexpensive Bobby Pin DIYs

These little guys contain multitudes.

There are a few essential truths about bobby pins.

By Kate Bingaman-Burt.

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And a few shocking facts.


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Ultimately, though, they’re incredibly versatile.

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1. Use them to make a necklace.

Directions here.

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2. Make a quick and effective bookmark.

Hopefully your book will have words in it. Directions here.

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3. Store them in a cleaned-out Tic Tac container.

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4. Punch them up with sparkly hearts.

Directions here.

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5. Or shiny stars.

Directions here.

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6. Or pom-poms!

All you need is some hot glue.

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7. Make art.

Like this artist, who also made a tampon cake.

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8. Pick a lock.

Here is how to get out of handcuffs, should you ever find yourself in them.

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9. Use polymer clay to make geometric pins.

Directions here.

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10. Why stop at shapes? Go for broke and make an avocado.

Or buy these amazing things from Etsy.

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11. Paint them with nail polish.

Directions here.

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12. Make memorable cards.

Directions here.

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13. Make a magnetic holder so you won’t lose quite so many.

Directions here (in Spanish).

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14. Or line a drawer with a magnetic strip.

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15. Knock off Anthropologie.

These would probably cost like five dollars each from the store.

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17. Hold a small nail with a bobby pin to avoid hammering your fingers.

Idea here.

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18. Channel “The Hunger Games.”

Get the directions for this Katniss-inspired hair clip here.

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19. Make a roach clip.


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20. Use them as dotting tools for nail art.

Directions here.

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21. Make a hair bow (or bow tie) and hold it securely in place.

Directions here.

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22. Wrap geodes for jewelry/magic talismans.

Directions here.

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23. Make dangly earrings.

Directions here.

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24. Create an awesome hairstyle with basically no effort.

Get the look from refinery29.

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Just remember: It’s entirely possible to have too much of a good thing.

<3 you anyway, Xtina.

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