56 Adorable Ways To Decorate With Washi Tape

In case you were unaware, washi tape is decorative Japanese tape that crafters are completely OBSESSED with. It also has a magic power that makes everything it’s stuck to the most adorable thing in the world.

Sources for pretty masking tape include Happy Tape, Cutetape, and Ginko Papers.

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1. Colorize your window blinds.

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2. Make tiny flags.

Wrap washi tape around a toothpick and cut triangles out to create a flag. Makes an adorable cupcake or sandwich decoration.

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Or use them as cocktail stirrers.

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3. Transform a computer keyboard.

Get the directions here.

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4. Cover a boring notebook.

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5. Line the inside of a lampshade.

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6. Or the outside of one.

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7. Decorate a planter.

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Check out these awesomely ’80s planters using recycled ramen noodle containers.

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9. Decorate your cups.

Wrap washi tape around some inexpensive plastic cups for a party.

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10. Make decorative twisty ties.

Instructions here.

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11. Make the most adorable gift wrap that ever existed.

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12. Washi tape a car.

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14. Or a staircase.

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15. Label those cords.

This alone is a reason to order a shipment of washi tape.

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16. It makes a pretty insane wallpaper.

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17. Give yourself a washi tape pedicure.

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18. Decorate some wooden spoons.

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19. Make washi tape coasters.

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20. Best IKEA hack ever: washi tape a boring table.

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21. Use it to mark a calendar.

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22. Make your clothes pins cuter.

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23. And your binder clips.

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24. Decorate a ceiling fan.

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25. Make magnets that look like pieces of tape.

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26. Decorate a candle.

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27. Make a garland.

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28. Or bunting for cupcakes.

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29. Create tiny bookmarks.

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30. Cover your laptop.

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31. Decorate some vases.

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32. Decorate your furniture.

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33. Make mason jars just a little more special.

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34. It makes a really easy photo frame.

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Now those polaroids are even more adorable than they already are.

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35. Use it to cover book spines.

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36. Be really artsy with it.

Make it look like an art installation or gallery wall.

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37. Make a ribbon for a winner.

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38. Wrap chopsticks with ‘em.

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39. Make a car track in a kid’s room.

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40. Decorate a wall shelf.

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41. Update your sunglasses.

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42. Make a really cute pencil holder.

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43. Decorate an otherwise boring corkboard.

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44. Redo a kitchen.

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45. Create a mural in a kid’s room.

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46. Decorate glass candle holders.

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47. Cover an embarrassing iPhone case.

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48. Use it as temporary wallpaper.

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49. Cover an otherwise boring box.

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50. Make a playhouse.

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51. Decorate a fireplace mantle.

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52. They make adorable candy wrappers.

(These are actually soaps by Etsy seller Prunella.)

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53. Decorate a door.

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54. Use it to label and organize.

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55. Make gift, luggage, or key tags.

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56. And finally…

You could just use it as regular old tape.

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Washi tape storage is a whole other ballgame.

Learn how to make this special washi tape storage box here.

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Learn to make this here.

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