36 Cute And Clever Ways To Save The Date

You definitely want to send something out that’s as memorable as your wedding will be.

Save the Date Rules and Etiquette:

1) Send them out six months before the ceremony. Any earlier and you run the risk of your date or venue changing.
2) If you want to save money, only send them to out-of-town guests and people you know will need to plan far in advance.
3) They are a must for destination weddings, or if your wedding happens to fall on a three-day holiday weekend.
4) If you’re going with a quirky photo or motif, be cautious about who you’re sending them to. Especially if you have any relatives on the conservative side.
5) Be upfront about who’s invited. Does the guest receive a plus-one? Are you banning children from your wedding? It’s important to note this in the content of the card.
6) Remember to add “Invitation to Follow.”
7) Don’t forget to include your wedding website URL.

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1. Instagram Calendar Stickers

Get the instructions here.

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2. The Movie Parody

ID: 918310

3. Paper Airplane Maps

Get the directions here.

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4. Tiny Box of Tiny Figurines

You could assemble your own or buy something similar off Etsy.

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5. Mini Easel Set

Get the directions here.

ID: 918460

6. Confetti Explosion

A fun idea that you could customize with your own paper pattern. Get the instructions here.

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Another cute confetti idea.

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7. Save the Date Paper Dolls

Get more information on how to make these here.

ID: 918513

8. Spinner Cards

Get the directions here.

ID: 918520

9. Scratch-Off Paint Cards

Get the directions here. You could also use the scratch-off to expose the wedding location, if you’re doing a destination wedding.

ID: 918625

10. The 3D Secret Decoder Message

ID: 917790

11. Photo Strip Bookmarks

ID: 918706

12. Watercolor Cards

You don’t even need to be that artistically inclined to pull this off. Get the directions here.

ID: 918771

13. Simple Luggage Tags

These are very simple DIY save the date cards using gift/luggage tags, ribbons, and stamps.

ID: 918789

14. The Chalk Photo

These are apparently very popular.

ID: 918958

15. Tying the Knot

Get the directions here.

ID: 918963

16. Plant Markers With Plantable Paper

Seed paper is handmade paper embedded with different plant seeds that can still germinate when the paper is planted in soil (!!!). Get the directions here.

ID: 918988

17. The Burlap Pouch

Fill a printed burlap pouch with little hints in accordance with your wedding theme (like seashells for a beach wedding).

ID: 919018

18. The Film Canister

ID: 917701

19. The Library Card

So twee it hurts. Get blank library cards from Etsy, $3 for 25.

ID: 919139

20. The Video

This one’s based on the “Yankee Review” scene from Rushmore.

ID: 919326

21. The Mix Tape

Or CD or whatever. Get the tutorial here.

ID: 919613

22. Match Books

Get the printable here.

ID: 919363

23. Test Tubes Filled with Tea

ID: 929932

These test tubes are filled with wildflower seeds. (The couple met in chemistry class.)

ID: 929859

24. The 7”

Available for $6.50 per set from ElloThere. Or repackage actual vintage 45s, which you can sometimes find at record stores, thrift stores, and garage sales for very cheap.

ID: 919490

25. Screen-Printed Hankies

You’ll need an ample supply of vintage handkerchiefs. Get the details here.

ID: 919669

26. The Infographic

ID: 919684

27. Message in a Bottle

Get more information here.

ID: 919691

Perfect for a beach wedding.

ID: 929416

28. The Flipbook

This one is filled with pictures of the couple’s “favorite places.”

ID: 919755

29. Important Objects Collage

Get more info here.

ID: 929294

30. The Bed of Moss

In case you’re having your wedding in the woods.

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31. Gold-Embossed Cards

Here is a lovely and inexpensive way to make your own cards, especially if you don’t want to shell out for letterpress.

ID: 929960

32. The Printed Balloon

Include a printed balloon with your save the date card.

ID: 931077

33. Temporary Tattoos

These are $75 for a set of 25, but you could attempt to print and make your own using temporary tattoo inkjet paper.

ID: 931215

34. Vintage Key + Luggage Tag

You could easily achieve a similar effect with tea-staining.

ID: 931244

35. The Picnic Set

ID: 931283

36. Felt Heart Magnets

Get the instructions here. Also, make sure to read these rules for mailing magnets.

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