46 Awesome String-Light DIYs For Any Occasion

You don’t have to put those string lights away after the holidays. There are so many elegant ways to incorporate string lights into your home decor.

1. Wrap them around an interestingly shaped mirror.

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2. Wrap a strand of paper lantern string lights around a twig and hang above the bed.

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3. Drape bigger bulbs casually to create an effortless lamp.

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4. Drape lights over a bookshelf.

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Use 3M clear plastic adhesive tabs to help guide the lights where you want them to go.

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5. Create a tree.

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Incorporate the lights into a twig Christmas tree.

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6. Use them with clothespins to hang photographs.

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7. Create a lit-up display by poking holes in a canvas.

More directions here.

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8. String lights around baskets, or fill baskets with lights.

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9. Fill wine bottles with lights to make a spectacular centerpiece.

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10. Create an angelic paper doily wreath.

Get the instructions here.

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11. Or use the doilies to make a wedding garland.

Just cut small holes in the center of the doilies and poke the lights through.

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12. Cover Dixie cups with fancy paper to make small shades for string lights.

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13. Create a string of paper cube lights.

Get the full directions here.

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Instead of putting lights in the boxes, you could just intertwine them with an origami box garland.

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14. Crochet around a rope light to create a light-up rug.

ID: 723647

15. Tie squares of tulle fabric along a string of Christmas lights.

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16. For the holidays, mix lights with old ornaments.

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17. Cover bulbs with dyed cheesecloth.

Get the full directions here.

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18. Create colorful twine balls to encase the lights.

Get the full tutorial here.

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19. Make snowflake lights with store-bought bouquet holders.

ID: 725810

20. Mix with rope for a nautical-themed room.

ID: 725828

21. Create a net effect in a bedroom.

ID: 725842

22. Hang icicle lights from fluffy cloud sculptures.

There’s no tutorial for this, but you might be able to figure it out if you’re especially crafty.

ID: 725852

Here’s a 2-dimensional version.

ID: 752771

23. Use cupcake wrappers to make flower lights.

See the full tutorial here.

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24. You can also use egg cartons for a similar effect.

Get the instructions here.

ID: 727186

25. Spell out a message with these pendant lights.

Make the letters by poking holes in the paper.

ID: 726588

26. Make a flashing cardboard Christmas tree.

Poke holes in the cardboard and stick the lights through.

ID: 728543

27. Create a romantic headboard piece.

“Build a simple wood frame from 2×4s, and add crossbeams. Drill small holes to put cords through in the bottom of each opening. Paint your frame and screw to the wall. Fill each space with lights and connect all cords. Cut translucent panels from polycarbonate sheet and fix to the frame with screws.”

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28. Use shiny wrapping paper to create giant candy lights.

Get the directions here.

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29. Cover lights with tiny mason jars.

You can buy them here.

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30. Electrify an old stuffed animal with LED lights.

Get the instructions here.

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31. Spell out letters.

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32. String lights in a scalloped pattern.

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33. Cut out black cat shapes to make these cute string lights.

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34. Wrap lights around a wire wreath.

Possibly the easiest DIY wreath that exists.

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35. Make a lit-up bed canopy using icicle lights.

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36. String with sequins and foil to make this sparkly garland.

Get the directions here.

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37. Make a colorful garland from birthday hats.

ID: 732266

38. Cut up streamers to make these fringe lights.

Get the directions here.

ID: 732277

39. Use foil cupcake liners as light embellishments.

This is a great idea for any holiday party.

ID: 732287

40. Tie ribbons between lights.

ID: 732773

41. Make the sparkliest backdrop ever with mirrors and lights.

Get the directions here.

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42. Use twigs to make this rustic chandelier.

This could easily be adapted for use with string lights.

ID: 739071

43. Make a strand of Himmeli lights.

These are $77 from Etsy, but you could DIY something similar using these instructions and black straws.

ID: 739082

44. Make a Hula-Hoop chandelier using icicle lights.

Get the tutorial here.

ID: 739099

45. Fill a plastic bin with string lights to make a light table.

Great for a children’s playroom. Get more information here.

ID: 739139

46. Make Halloween luminaria by filling milk jugs with lights.

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