30 Creative DIY Ways To Show Off Your Plants

Bloom where you’re planted. Especially if where you’re planted is an eggshell or a lightbulb.

1. Neon Dipped Pots

Keep your plants and your home happy even in the dead of winter. Directions here.

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2. Lightbulb Vase

Directions here.

ID: 734919

3. Cement Block Planters

Directions here.

ID: 735120

4. Colorful Hanging Garden

This is surprisingly easy to make yourself.

ID: 964331

5. Living Monogram Wreath

Here’s how.

ID: 746204

6. House-Shaped Clay Pots

Directions here.

ID: 748454

7. Tire Swing Succulent Planter

Here’s how to repurpose old tires for planting.

ID: 746202

8. Succulent Teacup Planter

Directions here.

ID: 964324

9. Dangling Pots

Directions here.

ID: 735134

10. Succulent Cork Planters

Aww, buddies! Directions here.

ID: 746232

11. Shell-Potted Plants

I repeat: AWWW, BUDDIES! Get the tutorial here.

ID: 746250

12. Geometric Vase

These are made from recycled bottles and folded cardboard.

ID: 964313

13. Recycled Can Wall Planters

Directions here.

ID: 746210

14. Mason Jar Herb Garden

Yet another of the myriad uses for Mason jars. Full tutorial here.

ID: 746236

15. Pitcher Planter

Directions here.

ID: 964417

16. Recycled Pallet Garden

ID: 964354

17. Yarn-Wrapped Vases

Directions here.

ID: 964371

18. DIY Water Garden

This idea comes from Homestead Survival.

ID: 746182

19. Miniature Clay Pot

Revisit your childhood with some Sculpey or Fimo. Directions here.

ID: 964440

20. Flip Flop Sconces

This is very slightly creepy and not-so-slightly awesome. Directions here.

ID: 746192

21. Rope Vase

Directions here.

ID: 746302

22. Floppy Disk Planter

If you still happen to have a whole bunch of floppy disks? More power to you. Directions here.

ID: 964517

23. Air Planter

You can also use this to hold a tea candle. Directions here.

ID: 964307

24. Printable Plant Wrap

This would make a fantastic and easy gift. Download the template and find instructions here.

ID: 746322

25. Chemistry Flask Vase

ID: 748111

26. Kitchen Herb Planter

Directions here.

ID: 964391

27. Chevron Planter Box

Directions here.

ID: 964493

28. Chalkboard Painted Pots

To help you keep track of all those leafy green things. Find out how here.

ID: 748432

29. Baby Food Jar Vases

Directions here.

ID: 944545

30. Eggshell Planters

Great for Easter/any time you need a reminder about the Miracle of Life. Directions here.

ID: 947982

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